6/23 Search with Bing, Earn Rewards, Level Up Broke-Ass Badassery

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Metro Kitty judges your search engine.

There’s this thing about wedding planning: When most of us are doing it, we have no freaking clue what we’re doing. I mean, so completely in the dark. There are vague ideas of what’s supposed to happen, but you don’t really know know.

And so you take to the Internetz. And you search your little heart out to figure out what you want and what you’re supposed to be doing: dresses, officiants, venues, budget breakdowns, permit regulations … it goes on. And on. And by the time you get married, you’ve conquered the World Wide Web in all of it’s searching capacity and someone might as well just pay you to find shit on the Interhole. Because now you’re a pro, yo.

Well, as luck would have it, you can get paid, in a way. It’s not quite a big ol’ check, but it’s something and it adds up quickly. Now, I’m on the Internet all. day. long. This is not even close to an exaggeration. I wake up in the morning, check my phone for emails, pour myself the first of potentially many cups of coffee, say good-bye to that handsome guy I date and settle in for hours of Webinating. From Facebook to WordPress to reading other blogs to checking BAB’s analytics to hunting for new post ideas, there’s nary a corner of the Internet I haven’t visited (OK, maybe one or two corners … even these eyes can’t handle everything). Probably knowing that, Bing approached me about testing out Bing Rewards. I’ve always been a Google girl, but far be it from me to turn down free stuff just because of my stubbornness, so I hopped on board.

After signing up, I set Bing as my home page — so I wasn’t tempted by those adorbz doodles to distract from my goal —  and started scouting. The design is pretty rad, with a new original photograph showcased each day as the home page. Each day, Bing will offer up a couple of new ways to snag a extra points, and you can watch your counter go up the more you search (I don’t know about y’all, but I like watching stuff like that. It could be why I have so much fun with BAB’s analytics. Data and shizz.).

As far as the actual rewards, they can rage from stuff that would be great for date night (Dominos and Fandango) to shopping (Amazon) to airline miles and subscription services (Hulu) and usually come in the form of small-increment gift cards, though you can also choose to redeem them in the form of a charitable donation. You can pick which rewards you’d like to set as your goal (I started with Starbucks because I have a coffee addiction) and then start searching to watch your counter meter go up.

As much as regular search engine usage is ingrained in me, I never really think about which one I’m using. But real talk: If I can get stuff for doing stuff that I do on the regs, I’mma do it. There’s no logical reason for me to pass up earning rewards for searching the Internet when I perform an average of 50 searches a day. I mean: come on.

And for you BABs, consider this: If you’re searching for wedding stuff, you can use your rewards for that same wedding stuff. Think about how many times Amazon items have come up in your searches. So, search away and use that Amazon card to get those cute polka dot straws you want so badly. You earned that little wedding extra!

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