11/23 Save Money and Find Your Ideal Wedding Goods with Wedspire

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Wouldn’t wedding planning just be a breeze if you could create a wishlist, share it on one platform and get matched with pros and rentals that fit into your ideal budget? Even better if you earned points toward dollars off said rentals and purchases?


Well, you know that if I brought it up, it’s because it’s a REAL THING YOU CAN DO. No, for serious. Wedspire does just that for U.S. and Canadian couples. How does it work?

  • Sign up for Wedspire
  • Create a wishlist, detailing what you need for your wedding, the timeline you need it in and your budget
  • Wedspire’s magical wedding elves curate daily vendor matches and send ’em your way
  • If an option is a great fit, you can make the purchase directly through the Wedspire platform

Sounds pretty rad, right? Yeah. It’s basically like having your v. own personal wedding concierge. And let’s be real: We could ALL use one of those.

But, of course, it gets better: When you submit your first wishlist, you automatically earn 48,000 Wedspire Rewards Points. Wait, what does that mean? Oh, boo, I got you. That means you get $60 off your first Wespire purchase. UH, free money, yo! And if you just so happen to use that $60 toward a purchase of over $2,500 you score an extra $85 off + an extra $5 in rewards. #nailedit!

Wishlist submission window

Whether you’re looking for specific wedding day goodies — flower crowns? Bouquet design? Dress? Jewelry? Photographer? — or just need someone to plan the damn thing for you, Wespire can help find the right match for your needs and within your budget.

Hurry, though, because you can only get that free $150 until Dec. 6! Head on over to Wedspire to create and submit your wishlist to start earning points (and dollars off!) and get matched with amazing vendors!

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