11/6 Robin’s Good-Bye: One Of Our Fave Contributors Bids You All Adieu

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Having transitioned from Broke-Ass Bride to plain-old Broke-Ass Married Person, this will be my last weekly column on this site.  Being on Team Broke-Ass and writing for this delightful audience has been an absolute blast.  This is one of my very favorite corners of the internet.

Do I have any parting words of wisdom?  Basically, I can sum it up as: This is all worth it.  Both the expense (even when you pull whatever strings, play whatever cards, and call upon whatever angels to limit said expense) and the brain-consuming, energy-tapping, emotion-sapping obsession that comes with planning a wedding are worth it in the end.  We need huge happy events like weddings to pull together our people, or we’ll only see all our families when someone has died.  Starting your marriage with the bliss of a wedding will give you the perfect springboard for a happy life together, and having those wonderful gooey memories will help you keep perspective when your marriage gets hard.

Wedding planning can make your relationship stronger.  Wedding planning requires you to mesh your values with your partner’s.  It forces you to interact with each other’s families.  It provides seemingly endless opportunities to practice conflict resolution.  All of these skills will help you have the best marriage you can.

And wedding planning can make you a better person.  You might find a crafting passion you never knew you had.  Or a knack for event-planning that will make you the go-to gal when your office needs a shindig or your best friend wants to throw her boyfriend a surprise party.  You might learn how to budget, how to negotiate, how to barter.  Maybe you’ll just figure out that you look really good in white.  In ways big and small, planning a wedding can be a positive force in your life with benefits far-outlasting your actual wedding day.  Again, this is all worth it!

Before I shuffle off, I once again want to thank Dana and all the other fantastic people at the Broke-Ass Bride for sharing this platform with me, and of course, thank all of you for reading and commenting.  I wish you all crazy-fun, minimally-stressful, completely-affordable weddings, and happy, fulfilling, lasting marriages.