Cake FAQs

Fantasy Frostings: Broke-Ass Cake CollectionFantasy Frostings: Broke-Ass Cake CollectionFantasy Frostings: Broke-Ass Cake CollectionFantasy Frostings: Broke-Ass Cake CollectionFantasy Frostings: Broke-Ass Cake Collection
Q. How are your cakes priced?
A. A standard broke-ass cake starts at $4.25 per slice. All of the cakes featured on these pages are examples of standard cakes at that price level.

Q. Just how tasty is your cake?
A. Let’s just say you’ll have a LOT o trouble waiting until your 1-year anniversary before ripping into that top tier in the freezer. Seriously, its a flavor party in your mouth.

Q: Does the base price include fondant?
A: No. Fondant would be considered an additional charge.

Q: What if I want each tier in different flavors? Will that cost extra?
A: No way, man. Variety is the spice of life! Different flavored tiers are on us, if that floats your boat.

Q: What shapes area available? Can you do custom shapes?
A: Round and square are included in the price. Custom shapes ain’t no thang, but may affect the cost.

Q: Can I get a Grooms cake at the same great Broke-Ass price?
A: Hellz yeah, we also do Bride’s cakes… everyone deserves their own!

Q: Do you provide fresh flowers ?
A: Generally fresh flowers are supplied by your florist and then applied by our Decorators on site. That service is our treat!

Q: Do you deliver? How is that priced?
A: Sure do! And the first 15 miles outside of our South Pasadena facility are on us! We’re making you a beautiful cake, so to ensure equally beautiful delivery and presentation, we advise against picking up your wedding cake and that you leave it to one of our qualified Decorators. Deliveries beyond 15 miles will be priced on a mileage plus access of venue rate.

Q: Oooooh, I found a picture in a magazine of a cake that I love. Can we duplicate it?
A: Sure! Bring in any and all inspirations that you would like to include into your cake design, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Q: Can I choose the flavors we sample during our consultation?
A: Generally we provide 3-4 in house samples for you to evaluate the quality of our product at no cost. We are happy to provide specific custom sample cakes for you to take home and share with the family at an additional fee.

Q: How much is a consultation?
A: It costs a total of $Free.99! Zero like a hero. Your Broke-Ass price includes the same consultation service that’s provided every Fantasy Frosting client. We look forward to meeting you!

Q: How can I make an appointment to meet with you?
A: This is an exclusive collection only available through The Broke Ass Bride. Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!