4/11 Real Wedding: Katie & Andrew’s Traditional and Creative Wedding in a Theater

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewBattball Wedding-90 (2)Name: Katie and Andrew

Occupation: Attorney (K), Warehousing Associate (A)

Wedding location: Chanhassen, MN

Wedding Date: 10/10/15

Budget: $12k (fuzzy)

Number of Guests: 100


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How would you describe your wedding? For our wedding, we took a lot of traditional influences and added our own personal creative touches.

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What was your favorite part of your wedding? Holding hands during our ceremony, feeling each other’s nervousness and excitement.

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What did you splurge on? My dress! Custom-made and totally worth it.


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What did you save on? Favors. Who needs ‘em?

Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? I wouldn’t have done an unplugged ceremony. I wanted people to engage and be present, which I think they did, but I also missed out on the chance to capture the ceremony from many angles. It also got people away from their cameras for the reception, when I *wanted* them to be taking silly pictures!

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What was your biggest challenge in planning? Letting go and accepting help. I made things harder than they needed to be by being a bit of a control freak.

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What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? To ask for help when I need it.

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?

1) Getting married, of course

2) Bringing so many of our favorite people together all in one place

3) The shoe game. I was totally against it because I thought it was dumb, but it was actually really fun and we agreed on almost every question.

4) The photobooth – enough said!

5) I placed some of my oldest friends with some of my best friends from more recent times, because I knew they’d get along. I was right!


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Top 5 least favorite?

1) The day-of stress. I didn’t explain my plans well enough and we had to scramble to find people to help setting up the venue.

2) I wish we could have spent more time with just about everyone. That’s the downside to getting everyone together in one place.

3) Running around the day of the rehearsal. I would plan that day better, if I could go back.

4) Forgetting to unbustle my gown for the ceremony. A small detail, but it could have been more impressive than it was.

5) Our friends didn’t seem to be interested in using WeddingMix. We had to add in honeymoon video to even fill out what we paid for. Meanwhile, we had to go and screenshot Snapchat to save some pics. Don’t use Snapchats for that, people!! #duh

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What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? I actually don’t think we received any bad advice. How lucky is that??

The best? Take it all in, because it goes by in an instant.

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Budget breakdown?

Venue/Food/DJ/Cake: $7500

Dress: $1500

Flowers: $100 (undisclosed amount paid by a dear friend)

Makeup: $55

Hair: $80

Shoes: $40

Invitations + Paper: $150

The Rest: Misc attire and décor. I kept a *really* terrible record – which is probably how I overspent.

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Photography: Traynor’s Photos

Venue: Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

Cake: Buttercream

Flowers: KMB Floral

Dress: Modehaus Designs

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Décor: DIY

Shoes: Zappos

Battball Wedding-89 (2)

Congratulations, Katie and Andrew! We wish you the very best!

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