1/24 {Wedding Inspiration} Real Save-the-Dates from our Readers!

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Catherine, my gorgeous and talented friend (aka stylist-extraordinaire behind The Life Styled) shared her save-the-date video with me and I just about died. It’s freaking brilliant. And funny. And so so smart.

“Why won’t you just pick a font?!?” LOL.

Then Jerry wrote in, to share the m-fing RAD save-the-date card they made using their kitchen wall, some chalkboard paint, chalk and a whole lotta creativity. Its just too charming and cute. I can’t take it. (and the unicorn? I die!)

cheap wedding save the dateJerry wrote:
We used our kitchen wall as the canvas, and with a can of chalkboard paint and and eventual handful of broken chalks later we were able to come up with this. Everybody loves it and says that it captures our personalities… …We aren’t the “frolicking through a garden” photos kind of couple, so I wanted something that would capture our personalities. The unicorn is an inside joke that started when I announced during our Thanksgiving prayer how “Dana (my wife’s name) is more magical than a unicorn”.  I have always done all of the birthday invitations in the family, so I knew that sending these to be printed at Walmart.com was the cheapest way to go. I did some research and found some hard 4×6 acrylic frames with magnets and mounted them for way less than the 4-5$ estimates per unit that I was seeing online. Many people don’t even realize that the lettering was drawn out on the wall, but I ALWAYS make sure to let them know….its my emotional reward I guess.

And then there’s Molly and Max, who shot their hipster-meets-hippie-meets-happy save-the-date video, guerilla-style at a flea market in San Diego. I love their choice of music and their editing style. Really I just totally want to have a drink with these two. Uh, oh. Sound the alarm… Its a full-on couple crush alert!

We LOVE getting to gawk at and share your wedding goodies, so keep ’em coming! Your creativity and moxie inspire our balls off, you know that right?

Aren’t these ones rad? Which is your favorite?

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