5/5 Real Bride Tiffany: T-Minus-5 Months Left Until Our Wedding Day

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Mother’s Day is our “5-month ’til wedding day” mark!  No, no, no I am not panicking. WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT? But honestly, I am just more impatient than worried at this point. I just want to do all the things right now! Check back in with me in September and we shall see how that changes …

Here is what we have accomplished thus far:

Venue (this also includes the DJ + bakery!): our venue remodel is FINALLY complete and I forced Justin to take me to an Easter brunch there to spy.

The lovely gardens remained absolutely lovely.

The lovely gardens remained absolutely lovely.

Photographer + photobooth: I’ve already gushed about our photographer, but please let me know if you need me to rave a little more.

Florist: Recommended by our photographer, the sister pair behind Seven Stems Designs are incredibly talented and willing to work in my tiny floral budget. I am so excited to see what they create!

Look at the magic these ladies can create! {image via seven stems blog}

Look at the magic these ladies can create! {image via Seven Stems Blog}

Dress (plus shoes and hair accessory): IT FIT. And it is currently living in my closet and I have threatened Justin’s life if he peeks.

MOB dress: Macy’s super sale, for the win! Mom scored a dress under $100 and is so excited about it. And then I scored her some perfect shoes at Marshalls because I am fully committed to accessorizing my momma.

3/5 bridesmaids dresses:  ModCloth, Ruche & Target purchases!

Partial bridesmaids gifts: All I have to say is, sign up for Kate Spade emails so you will know when a super sale is happening. Total score! {Eds. note: Pay attention to BAB’s Ten for the Weekend columns every Friday, too!}

Cake ordered: Our venue contracts with one of the best bakeries in town (Edelweiss Bakery), which also happens to be two minutes away from us. And O M G can they make some damn good cake! Basically we would’ve stayed there all day if it weren’t for those forsaken wedding diets.

Possibly the best part of planning, so far.

Possibly the best part of planning, so far.

Things we better get moving on:

– Rehearsal dinner

– DJ meet & playlist

– Decorations! HELLO.

– Groomswear + groomsmen wear — to be fair, we’ve been to one place and weren’t entirely thrilled. We did order ties for the groomsmen though! Macy’s sales win again!

– Rings

– Ceremony details — My friend-fficiant will be in town next month and is setting aside an afternoon for us to do some ceremony planning just like the awesome friend-fficiant that she is!

– Honeymoon — Don’t even get me started!

– Menu planning & Day of Schedule (far too soon anyhow!)

– The rest of the bridal party gifts — ugh, they are SO cliche and killing me. Creativity will be key!

And 9000 things I am probably forgetting (please feel free to leave gentle reminders in the comments)! But it’s fine because I have 5 months! FIVE ENTIRE MONTHS, RIGHT? BRB I need to have a beer …

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