7/9 Real Bride Tiffany: And We Have A Honeymoon!

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Yes, the most exciting thing to happen to us re: wedding planning lately was booking our honeymoon! ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Like all of our wedding related ventures thus far, we wanted to be conservative in our honeymoon spending.  My parents kindly offered a (free!) week in their timeshare, which we took them up on. HOWEVER. That thing about timeshares is that they are not a guarantee. We had to exchange one of their San Diego weeks for a Hawaii week and have been waiting for something to happen since January. JANUARY YOU GUYS. It is truly a miracle that I made it to July without my brain exploding due to lack of honeymoon planning.

So we chose a date (July 5th) and if we didn’t hear from the timeshare by then we would book on our own. SO WE DID. We are going to Kauai, y’all!

By Adam Keller via Wikimedia Commons
I will be covered in mosquito bites, but I will kayak to these falls. I will.

Beforehand, I spent many solid hours browsing VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) because there are amazing deals but also it is basically like walking in a stranger’s house which is oddly fun for me. Once I internally decided that we did not want to risk getting a 1970s kitschy condo for our romantic honeymoon, we both started browsing hotels.

Originally, I wanted to stay on Kauai’s north shore — the romantic hideaway side of the island. Very quickly I discovered this was not in our budget. Because I am not one to do what every one else does, there was no way we would stay on the south shore. So we chose the east shore and found a lovely hotel that has all of the things that matter to us — proximity to beach, comfy bed, good Yelp/Trip Advisor reviews, and a killer happy hour. Maybe that last bit is important to just me …

We did book everything through one travel site (Expedia), but made sure to browse for better deals just in case! Here are some tips to help you honeymoon without breaking the bank:

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Because when I say things like, “oh $600 more isn’t that bad!” it actually really is that bad.
  • Get a fantastic guide book and explore your options early. The Hawaii Revealed series has always been a fave and we Amazon Primed that baby so we could decide which part of the island to stay on.
    • We are also using this to strategically and financially plan all of our excursions. Because if I don’t plan it now, I won’t be able to relax then. I sense another spreadsheet coming on …
  • Use rewards or earn rewards! I am a firm supporter of Ebates because even if I only earn $1 IT IS STILL $1. In addition to Ebates we used a credit card that will earn us rewards (sometime in the next century probably).
  • Find free excursions! My Pinterest and other Internet research has already begun. Mama wants to spend our $$ on mai tais not overpriced excursions!

“Free” is my middle name.

Justin has never been to Hawaii and I’ve never been to Kauai. This is going to be an excellent adventure!

Have you been to Kauai? What would you recommend?

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