8/31 Real Bride Rachel: The Little Things

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewThey add up! I mean when you buy things, they accumulate. Math was never my strong suit, but that is an easy one … and holy shit. It’s adding up. With under a month to go until our wedding, the time has come to concentrate on the little details. My mom and I collaborated on a giant list (109 items!) of stuff we need to do and/or buy. Some of it was already done, which meant there were cute, little check marks next to a lot of things … but there were also a lot of things left to do. It was quite overwhelming at first, but it has been nice to make more checks and get stuff accomplished. Not so nice on our checkbook, but that’s what the wedding fund is for.

When you’re busy booking a venue, photographer, caterer, DJ, etc., it’s easy to forget about cake toppers and guest books and card boxes. So that’s been the focus the last couple weeks. While it’s stressful to be spending, spending, spending, it’s also fun to receive actual physical items that are pretty and fun and useful. I can’t hold any of the big ticket items in my hands and snuggle them and tell them how cute they are and how much I love them. I mean I guess I could tell my DJ that, but things might get weird. Anyway, here are few of these cuties.

Cake topper – I knew I wanted something fun, and a glittery Best Day Ever topper fit the bill. Ours is pink, and will go so well with our sprinkle covered cake.



Best Day Ever cake topper available from Etsy seller ChicagoFactory

Confetti poppers – We’re not doing a traditional entrance or exit at any point during our wedding/reception, but I still wanted a fun moment where people could shower us with … something. The pictures of couples surrounded by bubbles, flower petals, etc., are always so cute. So I decided to put confetti push pops on the aisle seats so that people can use them during our recessional. We’ll have a photographer at the end of the aisle, so I am hoping for some awesome pics. I am actually making ours to save some dough, but this is exactly what they will look like.


Confetti Poppers available from Etsy seller TasselTwins

Guestbook – Okay, this is not a little item. This is an insanely expensive item when it comes down to it. But I have wanted to do a Polaroid style guestbook for years … like 15 long years. When Fuji Instax came out, I was like OMG, this can actually happen! So we’re doing it. We have a friend to man the camera, and then guests will add their photos to the book and write us a message. We customized our book to match our colors, and it’s so perfect. I am so excited about this!



Mini Instax Photo Book available from Etsy seller Grimm

Add about 38 more things (including film for that guestbook), and we’re close to how much stuff I’ve bought recently. But at least it’s good stuff! Stuff that I can actually hold and hug. Our list is slowly but surely being accomplished, and I feel good about where we are at the four-weeks-to-go mark. Our bank account might be crying, but such is wedding life!