11/8 Real Bride Rachel: The Fun Stuff! We’re Married!

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Okay, so my last two posts were suuuuper boring, but I really wanted you guys to know about that slip. I really think its a game changer for sheer backs, low backs, etc.

Now on to the fun stuff. We had a wedding! It was amazing! I am married to the love of my life! You guys … our wedding day was absolutely fantastic. From the weather to the festivities, it really could not have gone better. Yes, it flew by, just like everyone says it does. Yes, there were some minor mishaps. But none of that really mattered in the end. We pledged our love to one another and were joined in marriage, and then we got to celebrate with the people we love. Amazing.

Here’s a look at our big day.


Remember the whole no grass thing? Yeah … the grass never grew in. But oh well! I was just so thankful that it was dry the entire week of the wedding, plus the day itself, that I didn’t even care about the lack of grass. No mud was a win for me!


Inside that big, beautiful barn … for my first dance with my husband. All the heart eyes. I am OBSESSED with how the decor turned out inside. It took hours and hours and hours of hard work and sweat, but I fully believe it was all worth it.


Our outdoor dinner seating with our amazing food stands in the background. I adore this picture. A very good friend of mine took it on Snapchat, and I just love it. It just looks so dreamy, and it really was. Our food was beyond fantastic, too. Every single person we talked to absolutely loved it, and that was what it was all about for us. We wanted our guests to be happy, and they were.

So yeah. There’s a little snip-it of our day. I will go into much more detail next time … and hopefully by then we will have our professional photos back, too. I can’t wait to share some advice and money saving tips with ya’ll!