7/20 Real Bride Rachel: Our Venue Is Still Under Construction

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And that’s okay!


We’re a little over two months out from our wedding, so Russel and I decided to check out the progress at our venue this past weekend. It was actually a triple-duty trip to Amish country — we worked on our invitations, stopped by the fairgrounds, and spent QT with my parents. Our summer has been insanely busy, so we haven’t been able to visit them much in the past couple months. My mom has been working non-stop on wedding stuff, so it was cool to see everything in person. I am talking centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, coloring canvas, ceremony backdrop, and on and on and on. She’s a machine.

Anyway, back to the venue. It’s kind of a little crazy there. Members of the fair board have been working around the clock to get things done, and they also have volunteers there on a daily basis helping with any and all projects they can get their hands on. I actually felt like a bit of an a-hole stopping by and snapping pics while others were hard at work, but I digress. They’re pouring concrete, moving grandstands, painting, building walls … and a million other things.

fair entrance

What will be the main entrance to the fairgrounds…we hope. (All pics by me)

There have definitely been some surprises along the way, but we expected that when we chose a venue that was pretty much nonexistent at the time of booking. There are two little buildings that were not on the original drawings of the fairgrounds, but I think we can actually use them to our advantage. I think my bridesmaids and I will be hanging out in one while the guests arrive, and the other may be a good spot for a mini-bar that will be close to where all of our yard games are set up. It will be nice to not have to walk all the way up to the main barn for a beverage or snack.

large barn

The little red barn was a surprise, but will come in handy. The large barn behind it is our back-up plan if it rains. It’s humongous, so we will be able to have our ceremony and all of our games in there if need be.

There are some ugly electrical panels scattered throughout the grounds, but there is exactly nothing I can do about them, so I am not even gonna stress. I mean, we need electricity, so really I’m ecstatic they are there. Plus, I think we can put our food stands in front of several of them to block them out.

fair pano

There’s my handsome fiance standing near one of the ugly, but necessary panels. I think my ‘maids and I will be in the little red building on the far right. The old bank barn on the left is where the reception will be held, and weather permitting, we will get married in front of it. All the usuals will be inside — bar, dance floor, DJ, tables and chairs, guestbook area, etc.

We are super jazzed about all of the open space we have to work with. And even if the grass looks like butt, who cares? Hint: not me. Do I seem relaxed? I feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

There are three full weeks until the fair kicks off, so I am very interested to see how everything looks by then. They are certainly busting ass, that much is for sure. Once the fair is over, we will have another seven weeks before our wedding. My mom will have free reign over the old bank barn that entire time, so that should be plenty of time for her to work her magic on the decor. All in all, we are happy with how things have worked out. If it’s not a picture-perfect space, that’s okay. The day itself can still be perfect, and for $400 … yeah, it’s all good.