10/26 Real Bride Rachel: Finding the Right Undergarment

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHiiiii! I know, I know … it’s been a while! That whole wedding and honeymoon thing really keeps a girl busy. Last time I checked in, I was a week or two out from my wedding and was finally having my meltdown moment. I was having the hardest time ever finding the right undergarment for my dress, and while I never found one that was perfect, I did luck out with one that worked pretty well. So let me fill you in on that before we get to recappin’.

Now that my wedding has come and gone, I can show you my dress so you have a better idea of my dilemma.

The back of the Amanda K Bridal Carmen Gown

Credit: Amanda K. Bridal

The satin gown has really thin straps, is super low in back and the sheer overlay covers … well, nothing. Because of my chest size, just adding cups wasn’t an option. I felt like I had scoured the Interwebz and I was just S.O.L., but I kept trying and eventually came across a post on a bridal message board from several years ago that offered some hope. A brand called dMondaine makes a slip/shaper that has a very low back along with straps that can be worn several ways.




Rita Shaping Slip by dMondaine, $160 at Net-a-Porter

I obviously couldn’t wear the straps down the middle of my shoulder blades like that, but luckily there were hooks on the very edge of the garment that made them come down on the side of my back … like right by my armpit. With the beading and other details on my dress, you couldn’t see the straps at all. I could not have been happier with that solution. But remember how I said it wasn’t perfect? Well that’s because the front of the slip was not as supportive as I would have liked. I really wanted it to hold the girls up and give me some killer cleavage … and it just didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, they looked good. Just not spectacular and sky-high like I prefer. Still, it was by far the best option I could find, so I went with it.

All in all, I was very happy with the outcome. I went from panicking daily to having a resolution, so it was a win. Hopefully my discovery can help out other sheer-back brides in the future. And don’t let my one issue dissuade you, either. If you have an A-C (and maybe even a small D) cup, I think it would be perfect for you.

How did you find your undergarments? Did you have any huge challenges? Share in the comments!