11/19 Real Bride Meg: Why We Chose To Splurge on Photography

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Dinner, dancing, dresses, oh my! When you came up with your wedding budget, did you base it on how much every individual detail would cost? How about all of those little details — did you decide any of them weren’t worth it?

You’ve heard about our venue hunting adventure, and how we jumped right on it a month after our engagement. Just a few weeks after we booked where our happily ever after would start, we got to my favorite, and in my opinion, one of the most important details — the photographer.


Courtesy of Sharyn Frenkel Photography

Steve and I sat down and listed what parts of our day are the most important to each of us, and we decided on this:

1. Photographer
2. Booze
3. Music

I think it’s safe to say that every bride has that one thing they really want on their wedding day, and that they’d cut out other parts to fit it in their budget (you should’ve seen my mother’s face when I said I wanted pizza delivered to our reception).

I’m definitely not alone in thinking the photographer is the most important vendor. Numerous times, I’ve heard that finding the perfect photographer is something you should put a little extra money into. They’re the ones that will capture your precious wedding day moments for you to have until the end of time!


Courtesy of Sharyn Frenkel Photography

I decided that if we were going to spend a little more money on anything, it would be on a great photographer. We’re already saving a ton of money by using the many talents of our families. With that said, photographers can be really, and I mean really, pricey. But you know what? They’re professionals, and they dedicate their weekends to you.

I have to tell you, before you decide on whatever that one thing you must have on your wedding day is, do your research. Check out the average price for your area or you might end up like us — totally shocked. We absolutely could not justify spending a quarter of our budget for a few hours time. So, like any BAB, we did more research.

I have to admit that I was pretty picky during this process, but that’s what happens when you have this one thing in mind! I knew I wanted our photos to look natural, but awkward poses and bright flashes flooded vendor websites. Even so, I emailed a few for pricing packages and none of them really did it for me, until I found a LivingSocial deal for a session with this super cute, vintage-feeling photographer.

I was in love, and continued to be more in love along the way — from her portfolio, her price adjustment (thanks to the LivingSocial deal) to our engagement photos, which we still get compliments on. The extra bit of money has already been worth it, and we’re not even married yet!


Courtesy of Sharyn Frenkel Photography

The only way we’re able to spend a little more cash on something we really care about is to cut some corners on things we’re less excited about. In order to save paper (literally), we ditched envelopes for our save the dates and opted for postcards. Our simple aisle decor will be reused for the reception. We’ll be taking the DIY approach when it comes to favors, which are often left behind anyway. While we love the idea of a photo booth, a corner where a family friend will be taking photos for guests to take home will be set up. Same idea, much smaller price tag.

We’re also saving a ton on much bigger things, thanks to the help of family and friends, but we’ll get to that later.

So, BABs, I want to hear from YOU! What is that one thing you need on your wedding day, and what are you going to cut to get it?

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