5/4 Real Bride Lucinda: DIY Your Wedding Printables

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On top of making my wedding dress and flowers for my centerpieces, I came to the conclusion not that long ago to yes, DIY most of our printable materials for the wedding as well. This isn’t because I’m a crazy-insane person that decided to take on even more to DIY during our wedding planning chaos, but resulted from not finding the exact kind of designs I wanted online and thinking to myself “hey, I could probably do that if I found just the right font.” Plus, I knew I could make some signage for the cake and gift tables, print it out at home, and pop it in a cheap frame for less than it would cost in postage from a shop on Etsy.

Interested in trying your hand at making printables? Good news: you don’t need to have special design software to make some really cool signs, some of what I’ll show you can be made in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

Favor Labels, Stickers, Etc.

For our wedding favors, we decided to buy mini champagne bottles at our local liquor store (total cost per person came out to around $3 each!) and decorate them with personalized labels and paper straws tied on with ribbon. Using a special dingbat font, I played around with the placement of different characters and colors to come up with the label at the top of this post. There are a number of great sites that can help you find the right size and template to create a label you like.

Lucinda's DIY cake and gift signage

Table Signs

I made the signs for the cake and gift tables in about five minutes — I think it took longer to find a font I liked then actually play around with the placement! DaFont is a great site with tons of different free fonts that you can download to use. Using a font called “Sverige Script” and some design images on Pinterest for inspiration, I whipped these signs up in Photoshop (you could easily use Powerpoint though) and popped them into Fiskbo Frame from Ikea.

printing a SD printable small
Other Ideas

Take a look around on wedding blogs for some free templates, like these ceremony chair signs. All I need to do is insert the names of our family members for each tag, print and cut them out, and make them look fancy with ribbon. Plus, a lot of websites that offer these kinds of printables give step-by-step instructions how to customize them with fonts and other design elements. How cute is this day-of itinerary card for your bridesmaids?

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.10.07 PM

If all else fails…

Hey, I know my limitations and I can’t possibly make everything we need for decorations. Zazzle saved the day with their extensive range of customizable and reasonably priced posters — the above is the 8×10 of our wedding hashtag info we’ll have at the bar so our friends and family can share moments from our wedding on social media. There’s no way I could have designed something like this, so it was all about finding an affordable alternative to DIYing.

Are you DIYing your wedding day printables? What awesome resources have you found?


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