4/20 Real Bride Katie: Tackling the Chub Rub

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I’ve told you all about the trials and tribulations of hunting for – and then deciding to have someone create – my dream wedding dress.

But now, with just one more fitting left before we go from muslin mock-up to actual dress, it’s time to talk about what goes underneath the dress.

I’m not particularly blessed in the boob department, so the top half was easy. My lovely seamstress agreed to make me a bustier, because I am a hard-to-fit bra size and with a fitted sweetheart bodice, the wrong strapless would be a disaster. Who hasn’t spent a day yanking up an ill-fitting bra? #buzzkill

With that problem neatly solved, I turned to the bottom half.

My journey with self-love and body positivity has been long, frustrating, and full of ups and downs. But at this point in my life, I’m in a really good place of love and acceptance, and I do a lot of talking about body positivity.


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Consequently, I wasn’t super into the idea of shapewear. It can feel really uncomfortable, and it made me feel weird to try to force my body into a shape that it isn’t. Besides, I don’t know about you, but Spanx aren’t exactly my idea of sexy underwear!


After much soul searching, I decided that I was okay with the idea of wearing some simple shapewear to create the look that I want for my wedding day. I ended up feeling much the same as I do about makeup: I’m adamant about the idea that my face should be acceptable in the world in its natural state, and that I shouldn’t feel like I need to wear makeup to leave the house, and I don’t, about 85% of the time. But I also shouldn’t feel bad about the times I want to express myself and ornament myself through the use of makeup. Makeup and clothing and hair color and all those kinds of things should, in my opinion, be about self-expression, art and comfort, not making yourself acceptable to others. Having made my peace with the idea of wearing shapewear, I set off on an Internet journey to find the right ones.

My goals were to find something that:

1) Would prevent the dreaded chub rub;

2) Would create a smooth line from the bustier down to where my dress flares out to create a trumpet silhouette;

3) Wouldn’t flatten my butt (because when you’re blessed/cursed with a big booty, you either resign to hating it, or you learn to see it as an asset) and;

4) Would perhaps look just a little less like granny panties than what Bridget Jones has going on above.

Three and 4 on that list knocked out just about every shorts or tights type item, and so I decided to divide and conquer.

To smooth my lower stomach without flattening my butt took me on a really bizarre trip around the Internet, as I Googled all kinds of keywords until I realized that “butt lifter” was the magic phrase.

 200via Giphy

I chose a simple option from Love My Bubbles that wasn’t too ugly and promises to smooth my front without flattening the back. Here’s hoping it works! derriere-lift-hiphugger-nude-mainTo solve the chub rub option, I came across a product called Bandelettes. They were kind enough to offer me free samples of their products in return for an honest review. Bandelettes are elastic lace bands that go around your thighs to prevent chafing. They’re basically the tops of thigh highs if you cut the stockings off, though in my opinion, the fabric is much softer and more comfortable.

I wore my Bandelettes for about 15 hours straight, which is probably longer than I’ll need to wear them on the wedding day.

When I first put them on, I felt like I had a bit of a left shark situation, because one leg was perfect and the other just kept rolling up.

200 (1)

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It turns out that they just need to be put on carefully. After I went to the restroom and adjusted them, smoothing the lace over the silicone strips, they didn’t move again. Fifteen hours with no chafing or rubbing at all. I was in heaven!

I really enjoyed wearing Bandelettes. They solve the chub rub problem without the heat that comes from tights or leggings, which is going to come in really handy in the coming months. I’m keeping my white ones in the package for the wedding day, but I’m excited to rock the black ones under my maxi dresses all summer. And the bonus is that they’re really pretty cute!


At $15, you really can’t get any more broke ass than that!

How are you tackling your smoothing, shaping and chafing dilemmas, if at all? Are you concerned about chub rub?

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