8/24 Real Bride Katie: It’s Starting to Look Like a Real Wedding

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Remember this post?

When I wrote it, I was right about at the 6 month mark. By the time you read this, I’ll be right before the 6 WEEK mark. Holy crap, does time ever fly!

And I am pleased to report that the checklist has been significantly reduced. 2015-08-21 17.42.40

Of course, a couple of those projects are still enormous, and I definitely still have *plenty* to keep me busy! I think the hardest part of this stage of wedding planning is dealing with so many balls in the air at one time. For example, since my last post, I have:

2015-08-15 23.16.16

2015-08-16 21.12.07

2015-08-19 17.16.08 (2)

  • paid a visit to our venue to lock down some final details

2015-08-19 15.46.29 (1)

  • had TWO hair trials

2015-08-12 22.17.04 (1)

  • and a makeup trial

2015-08-20 19.26.47 (1)


It was exhausting just typing all that, let alone living it!

But the good news is that all these disparate details are coming together to form one amazing whole. The RSVPs are rolling in every day, and despite the stress, we’re getting more and more excited!

How is your planning coming together?

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