12/17 Real Bride Jubilance: How to Compromise On Your Honeymoon and Still Win

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Real Bride Jubilance How to Compromise on Your Honeymoon and Still Win

The honeymoon has been The One thing my fiancé and I have both been looking forward to, and the most stressful thing to figure out, #AtTheSameDamnTime. I may get excited over finding cute designs for our invitations, but he doesn’t give a damn. What he does give a damn about is our honeymoon, and making sure it is epic.  Throughout wedding planning we’ve been very decisive, and that’s made planning easier. All that decisiveness went out the window when it came to our honeymoon though. How is that possible when we knew what we wanted to do??? Three words: Too. Many. Options.

Our original list of requirements for our honeymoon:

  1. Must be somewhere in the Caribbean – can be a resort or a cruise
  2. Must be somewhere we haven’t been before
  3. Have fun excursions like snorkeling, ziplining, etc
  4. Total cost must be $5k or less
  5. We had to go right after the wedding

That leaves a TON of options and I swear we’ve looked at every single one.

We looked at multiple cruises. We looked at all-inclusive resorts like Sandals, Secrets and Riu. We looked at renting a vacation home. We looked at smaller resorts or bed & breakfasts. So many options. Every time it seemed like we found an option we liked, we would then throw it out. Cost eliminated a lot of places – as much as I’d love to stay at a 5-star resort, we can’t afford a $10k honeymoon. Cruises were eliminated due to cost and logistics. Resorts looked promising, but they were pricey because we’re getting married in March – prime Spring Break season. I tried stalking sites like Travelzoo, Groupon and Livingsocial for deals, but either our time period wasn’t valid for the deal, or the resort didn’t look great. We even tried looking at different destinations like Hawaii and Key West, but we weren’t crazy about our options.

We whittled our list of possible resorts down and then started reading TripAdvisor reviews. Big mistake! TripAdvisor is great, but it’s like Yelp – some folks are never satisfied and give -star reviews for trivial things. I mean, it should be taken with a grain of salt … but it’s hard because you wonder if you’ll be the one person who has a bad experience. Nothing seemed like The One Perfect Honeymoon.

This whole honeymoon thing just pissed me off, because it felt like we were making it harder than it needed to be. What’s so hard about a honeymoon? You just pick a place and book it and go. I was ready to just draw a damn name out of a hat. There was no way we’d figure out the perfect trip in our price range right after our wedding, and there was no way that I was going to work the Monday after our wedding.

And then! My genius fiance said “why don’t we take a short trip after the wedding and the longer trip later?” Did I mention he’s a genius? That is perfect! Why the hell didn’t I think of that???

And that’s how we ended up booking two honeymoons. #NailedIt

Part 1 is a mini-moon to New Orleans! I’m super excited because I’ve never been and I’ve always heard the city was romantic.  We’ll spend a few days at a B&B before we head back to our real life.

Part 2 is our longer honeymoon, which we’ll spend at Sandals Halcyon Beach in St Lucia in May!  We compared prices and reviews for all the Sandals properties, but settled on this one after talking to a friend who has visited the property. After looking at a ton of all-inclusive properties, Sandals had the best reviews and the options we wanted for the best price.

Now that we’ve finally booked, we’re super excited about our honeymoon adventures. I cannot wait to get to New Orleans, and to lay on the beach in St Lucia.

How did you decide on your honeymoon, BABs? Tell us in the comments!

Jubilance is a former mad scientist, First Lady of the #ThickAndNerdy and bride-in-training living in Minneapolis. She has a wealth of random useless knowledge which she loves to show off during trivia nights at her local bar. She's also an avid knitter, but please don't ask her to make you anything - it once took her a year to finish a simple scarf. Besides freaking out about her wedding, Jubilance can be found gallivanting across the Twin Cities as the leader of a Meetup group for Black professionals. She writes about her random adventures on Black Girl Unlost, and rants on Twitter (@Jubilance1922)