6/23 Real Bride Jess: We’re in the Home Stretch of Our Countdown!

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Hello fellow BABs! Michael and I are down to the last 50 days before the wedding and I can’t believe it. Time has gone by SO fast –I’m in full-on panic mode basically all the time.


That tiny girl in the hourglass is me. Source

My thoughts look like this:

“I need to build 10000 things and paint wood into adorable signs!”

“Are there any cute thrift stores where I can get vintage frames to put everywhere?”

“Blackboard paint.”

“I need a massage.”

“What are people eating at the cocktail hour?!”

“I need adorable programs. Can I make those?”

“Why is everything in this world not free?!”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited too, but everything you have to do for a wedding makes me glad I only have to do it once. (Any thoughts of being a wedding planner have also turned to dust during this planning process.)

When I start to feel overwhelmed I remember how far we’ve come in the few (9) months since we got engaged. When we got engaged:

— We had both recently graduated from college.

— Michael just got hired at his first big boy job out of school.

— I was waiting tables slash for my life to begin.

— We were both living in San Diego.


— I got a job in L.A. and moved.

— Michael is about to transfer up to L.A.

— We rented our first apartment: I’ll be living in it solo up until the wedding (my first and last time ever living alone).

I figure that if that much could happen, all while planning the wedding, without anything going disastrously wrong then I can get through these next 50 days.

How about you ladies –How are dealing with your countdown?

Jess Smith is a 23 year old San Diego native who has recently relocated to LA to be with the love of her life. She's currently battling a House of Cards addiction from which she never hopes to recover.