5/22 Real Bride Jess: An Open Letter to the Men

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Throughout this wedding process I have thought a lot about what I will tell my future children when they get engaged, especially if I have sons. This is not to say that these are things that Michael is doing wrong — many are little things that I don’t want to forget. So ladies feel free to give this to your boyfriends/ fiancés/ children, and to any brave men on this site: read on.

1. The Proposal: Chances are your girlfriend knows that the time is coming and that you’re both ready, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to surprise her! One great tip is to propose at the beginning of the date so that you can spend the rest of the day showing off your new bling and getting free stuff (hopefully). Now, you don’t have to have an engagement party after your date but if you do make it about her. Make sure you invite her family and friends as well as yours. As far as the ring goes: Ask her friends! She has probably looked at rings and talked about them with the important ladies in her life so tap that resource. Michael did an awesome job with the ring: He took my best friend ring shopping with him. She picked out a top four and he chose from there.

Here’s a pic of the actual rock. I might have showed you before, but it’s perfect!

2. The Wedding Planning: Michael had the best response: “I want to be as involved as you want me to be.” Men, if you feel strongly about something, say so. Ask your lady if she can give you a list of responsibilities and from there take this as an opportunity to follow directions.

3. The Honeymoon: If possible make this your project. Your wife-to-be has enough on her plate with the wedding planning and all the drama that comes with it, so you take care of this. Still ask for help though — from friends/family/AAA travel agents, and ask your significant other for her ideas, but you take care of booking flight, hotels, transportation and all that jazz.

OK, did I forget anything? Is there anything that my fellow BAB’s would tell their man?

Jess Smith is a 23 year old San Diego native who has recently relocated to LA to be with the love of her life. She's currently battling a House of Cards addiction from which she never hopes to recover.