7/25 Real Bride Holly: When Your Bestie and You Get Married in the Same Season

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I’m going to reach way back in the archives of my life to tell you a little more about how Ev and I met and our bestie. When I was 14, may family moved and I started high school in a brand new area, not knowing anyone. I had been bullied previously, so my game plan was to keep a fairly low profile. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I didn’t expect to make too many friends very quickly. See below graph for illustration:

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Luckily, I happened to sit next to an extrovert in one of my classes.

D struck up a conversation with me almost immediately and was full of funny quips and one-liners, helping me feel at ease. I remember it wasn’t long before we were getting singled out nearly every class for talking too much (RIP my GPA). We became best friends and had a lot of excellent times, watching movies, hiking and driving around when there was nothing else to do. His whole family adopted me, and were always happy to have me over for dinner. During that time, I was dating someone, but D often mentioned that he had a childhood friend that he wanted to set me up with, should my boyfriend and I ever break up. His friend and I did end up meeting at D’s birthday party one year, and we chatted, but nothing else came of it. My boyfriend and I ended up breaking up right before my first year of university and D took his opportunity, giving his friend my email address so we could talk on MSN. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that this friend was Evan, and the rest is history.

Last year, shortly after Ev and I got engaged, D proposed to his longtime girlfriend and we were thrilled. Initially we planned to separate our weddings by a couple months, but situations arose that resulted in planning our weddings six weeks apart. D. made Ev his groomsman, and Ev and I made him a hybrid groomsman/bridesman. I even got to hang at his bachelor party, which was a total blast. During the planning states, we shared a lot of wedding pro tips, and offered each other a listening ear when stress got high.

This weekend, I’m in my hometown, getting ready to head to his rehearsal dinner. I wont lie, initially, I was afraid that there might be some stress associated with the two weddings so close to each other, what with the cost of flying, hotels, gifts, but in the end but those factors were vastly overshadowed by the support I felt from having a friend who was going through a lot of the same things as me. Plus, Evan and I get to take a break from planning our wedding, and just enjoy relaxing and being guests at someone else’s before we have our own. I’m excited!