4/17 Real Bride Holly: Some Thoughts on Engagement Photos

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Work has calmed down a bit in the last few weeks, so Ev and I have started putting some official wedding prep in motion. I managed to wrangle everyone’s address, and after entirely too much obsessing, I picked out an invitation I liked and customized it. We are just waiting on our engagement photos to come back so we can post them up on our wedding website, for ultimate adorableness when people go to RSVP.

My initial thoughts on engagement photos were that it was an unnecessary frivolity. Instead, we chose to ask Evan’s brother, who enjoys photography as a hobby, and has a great camera, to snap some photos for us. He did a great job, and we were thrilled with the results:

Real Bride Holly's engagement photos

However, my opinion was swayed a bit after we selected a photographer whose package included a free engagement session. Of course, we weren’t about to turn it down! I have to say, the experience was lovely: I got to dress up again, we got to hang out in a beautiful location, and we spent two hours being ordered to snuggle up to each other and daze dreamily into each other eyes. If you’re not uncomfortable with PDA, I do recommend it!

She also explained to us that doing a session before the wedding helps her to get to know us so she can get a better idea of our “style” for shooting the wedding, and we can iron out any issues before the big day. She also had lots of useful pro tips from experience that we didn’t know when we did our first session. We didn’t really have the know-how of how to properly co-ordinate our outfits, and Ev forgot to take his wallet and phone out of his pocket, which didn’t look great in a lot of the photos.

Still cute as hell though

Still cute as hell, though!

She also knew a lot of great hidden spots for shooting. We ended up getting really lucky, and the weather was amazing that day, too. I’m excited to get the pictures back, and I’ve decided to use the photos for both the wedding website, and for some kind of project like featuring them in our guestbook, maybe.

So, I guess the question is, if I had to pay for the session, would I have still done it? I don’t know, to be honest. Maybe? I definitely feel would be more likely to do it now that I’ve had that experience. I guess it comes down to how important photography at your wedding is to you. If excellent photography is a must-have, I’d probably recommend it, even it it’s just a small one-hour session. I think it serves as a good “test run” before the big day, and can help ensure that you know that your style gels with your photographer.

Now I’ve just got to try to patiently wait to see the final result!


What are your thoughts on engagement photos? Are they a must-have or a lucky bonus?