7/11 Real Bride Holly: It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Married!

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Well, it’s less than two months away from the wedding and the final pieces are starting to fall into place. I’ve had dress fittings and alterations, we’ve ordered our wedding bands, we’ve finally finished our registry and Honeyfund, and we’ve started purchasing decorations. One other thing that we’ve also started accumulating is board games. Yup, Ev and I are board game geeks. Well, we’re actually just big fans of all kinds of games, we like goofing off and having fun about 99% of the time. See the following images for proof:

Us in 2007

Us in 2017. Credit: Darling Mine

So how do we incorporate our appreciation for games into our wedding?

Well, we have a couple of ideas.

First, we thought that instead of our guests “clinking” their glasses every time they want us to kiss, we will invite them to come up and answer a question about us, or maybe about one of our favorite fandoms, trivial pursuit style. Only if they guess correctly will we grant their wish for us to smooch.

Second, since our ceremony and reception is located at the same venue, and we will only be taking a two-hour break in between, we thought we would offer guests the opportunity to stay on-site and entertain themselves. We plan to set out a table piled high with board games, such as Settlers of Catan, Trivial Pursuit, Telestrations and Cads About Matrimony. We will also have bocce ball and giant Jenga on the lawn. We’ve also considered the possibility of putting all our favors (candy) inside a piñata and letting the kids take turns beating at it, then when it breaks, we’ll go all for it in a showdown that will rival a bouquet toss. Having a small wedding and chill venue owners helps with the logistics of most of these ideas.

Finally, I haven’t worked out the logistics yet … but I’m gonna try my damnedest to get us a bouncy castle (Which we will then make sure to dismantle before the booze starts flowing too heavily). Yes, some people might make fun of us, or call us childish … But those aren’t the type of people invited to our wedding!

Plus, the photos of Ev and I, decked out in our finest, flying through the air in the bouncy castle will be totally amazing.


What fun touches are you adding to your wedding?