4/18 Real Bride Heather: Planning For Our Marriage

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewWe all check in here to talk about how to make the most of one day of our lives on the least amount of money. We come here for bad-ass wedding ways to make a single 24 hours take the smallest bite out of our bank accounts as possible. I read an article the other day that said the average cost of a wedding is $32,641.00. To avoid spending such a chunk-o-change, broke-asses like you and me scour the Internet, we tap into our creative side and we work really hard to find ways to have our priceless day come and go without such a high price tag. We do a lot to plan for our wedding, but what do we do to plan for our marriage?

That is where my focus has been lately. I am good at finding deals. I am good at planning weddings. I am creative. I have worked in the industry, I know it like the back of my hand. I know a lot about building a great day, but I feel like I do have to ask myself this: “Am I going to be good at being married?” “Do I know how to build a great partnership?” I think that I do, but there are things in a marriage that can cause unnecessary stress. When about half of all people who try this fail at it, you have to understand that a marriage is a very sensitive endeavor. Marriages fall victim to many things. Some of those may not be in your control, but there are many things that are in your control. There are things that I stress about right now that my partner will end up stressing over too if I bring them into this marriage.

From there I started thinking about what things are in my control right now that I could change that will set us up for a better beginning as a husband and wife. What can I effectively change about what I bring into the marriage? What do I bring with me that will make unneeded stress for myself and my partner? My answer was simple.

Credit Card Debt.

So, I began a quest to get rid of my credit card balances. All. Of. Them. This week, I paid off my last credit card. Now my only debts are my mortgage and my car payment … and that feels good. I did this for myself to make my marriage better, but it also makes me better. I felt a huge weight lift when I paid off the last one. This was a weight that was on me, it caused me stress, which affected my mood and my confidence. Had I let it continue, I would have drug that into my marriage with me.


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I guess the point off all this is that when we actively takes steps to make ourselves better as we approach our wedding day, we take steps to make our marriage a more successful place to live in.

Have you made any big steps to making sure you’re putting your best foot into your marriage? Has your partner? Share in the comments!

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