4/4 Real Bride Heather: Plan to Save!

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Let’s talk savings. That’s why we’re all here right? When you are a serious tightwad like me, you plan to save. Being a Broke-Ass, I have no choice but to be a saver, so over the years, I have become pretty good at it. I’m always over here tryin’ to make a dollar outta 15 cents! So, in the effort to maximize our money to get the wedding we want, I have been mapping out a few things that are going to help us save. In life, timing is everything. If you time it right, you can do amazing things with very little. Here are just a few ways that I plan to time my purchases to make the most of our wedding budget.

If you are planning your event a year out, you can take advantage of clearance and end of the season sales to save some serious loot! Here are some of the things that I plan to find on the low-low as we plan an outdoor budget bash for next June:

  • White Christmas lights (Will certainly be on sale after 12/25!)
  • Ribbon (We plan to use the colors gold and rose gold in our décor, so I may be able to find some solid color clearance holiday ribbon after Christmas!)
  • Outdoor lighting, lanterns, solar lights, etc. (Should be able to find some sales towards the end of the summer season)
  • Outdoor dining items (pretty beverage dispensers, trays and platters, etc. Also on sale at the end of the summer.)
  • Tents. I may or may not need another one, but they have 10×10 and10x20 white tents at many places. You can probably find them on clearance at the end of the summer/fall outdoor seasons. These can easily be dressed up with sheer tulle or other fabrics. If buying the tent will run you the same or less than a rental, why not buy one on the cheap and sell it later to recoup some cash!

If you think about timing your purchases, you can really pinch some pennies in your planning!

Then there’s the DIY. I plan on up-cycling some things into DIY projects for our décor. One of which is crafting some pretty centerpieces out of wine bottles. The bonus to this is that I get to drink the wine first! So, instead of tossing that bottle into the recycle bin, it’s now going into an up-cycle bin for me to use later! The wedding is still a year out, but when it comes time to dazzle up those bottles with some spray paint and glitter, that will be my only real cost for that part of the centerpieces because let’s face it … I was going to drink the wine anyway! I’m also saving glass jars. All shapes, all sizes, and my wedding is highlighting my hoarder tendencies, but it’s all for the greater good. The jars can make for cute lighting with some sand and tea light candles. They can be crafted to hang from trees or shepherds hooks with some wire or twine. So again, instead of buying flats of mason jars, I can just save the different shaped jars that we normally use and throw out. It doesn’t save me a fortune, but in this wedding game, every penny counts!

Do you have any great ideas about sales or up-cycling that will save you some loot as you plan your big day?

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