8/9 Real Bride Heather: My (Not So) Fairy Tale Life

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I have been wondering lately how to balance a demanding career, part-time small business, a child, a fiance, cohabitation, all the hectic chaos of basic adulting and still remain excited about planning a broke-ass wedding. Honestly, for me, its been easier said than done. I find myself so exhausted by the end of the work day, and even more beat by the end of the week. I get two days. Forty-eight hours. Two days to catch up on mountains of laundry, photo editing, vacuuming, etc. On top of that I have to try to spend a few waking hours with my man and my kiddo. I keep wondering, “where in the hell am I going to find the time and the energy to DIY all the things that I need to do to have a wedding??”

I keep hoping that a wedding fairy will show up, wave a wand and … we will get married! Happily ever after, activate! Sunsets and honeymoons, commence! Glitter, beauty, romance and memories will come pouring out of every moment. A fairy tale spun from the flick of magic wand. Its sounds ridiculous, I know. I guess in my exhaustion, delirium has seriously set in. What’s a gal to do when she is literally so tired that she can’t seem to make sure she washed her underwear for the week, much less hot glue, spray paint and plan a day that seems so far away?

My answer, for now, is to relax. To stop putting so much pressure on myself, so much that I literally feel paralyzed. I am lucky, even in all the madness of my day-to-day life, I get to come home to a unicorn of a man, a brilliant 10-year-old girl and — in the midst of all the stress and the mess — I wouldn’t change a single thing.

You see, I may not have a fairy tale life and we may not get a storybook wedding, but in the real world most people don’t. Its the strength of our relationship that makes me the happiest, and the assurance that he and I will make it through all of the crazy that life will most certainly throw at us. I have been through enough to know that is the most important of all.

We will get there, and no matter what happens on the road to our wedding day, we will have our happily ever after. The day doesn’t matter as much as the life, and we are gonna rock this life, together.

I am a mom to a pretty fantastic little girl, a small business owner, photographer, writer, and my alter ego is a cubicle dwelling software trainer....but that's just my superhero disguise. (sssshhhhh) I'm also an animal lover with 2 dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon. While I'm running out of room and things for them to destroy, I fight the urge to bring home more pets all the time!