2/13 Real Bride Danielle: Throwing Some Romance into the Mix with Date Ideas

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewGreeting lads and ladies, its that time of year again — Valentine’s Day. As a newly engaged couple, this is probably one of your least stressful romance holidays. You’ve already got the ring, so there is no sitting on the edge of your seat and quietly hoping. One huge hurdle down, but here’s the clincher: you’re planning a wedding and broke as church mice. Wedding planning can be super stressful and it might have leached a little of the romance out of your relationship. Welp, time to give that romance a jump start y’all.

Try to spend a day or weekend without mentioning the “W” word at all. Instead, just spend some time together and enjoy a reminder of why you want to marry this person. You don’t need to spend tons of money to have a memorable, fun, and romantic day, be it Valentine’s Day or just a regular Tuesday. Here are a handful of my favorite, dirt cheap and fun, date night ideas:


Don’t forget why you’re marrying them

Romantic Nights In: for when you aren’t crazy about the outdoors or the cold

Nerf Gun Wars

You can snag a couple of Nerf guns off Amazon for about $25. I really like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. Its cheap and crank powered so you can approach the enemy quieter. Snag two of these and some extra darts. Leave a gun and note at the door for your sweetie to find, and hide. Let the odds be ever in your favor.

Blanket Fort

Bust out all the blankets in the house and build yourself an epic fort. Remember, you aren’t a child anymore, so you have even greater potential to build a fort that would make 6-year-old you drool with jealousy. Want your fort to be even more epic? Add an air mattress at the base for even more awesome.


Love the idea of spending quality time with your love in a tent but hate the idea of being surrounded with all that nature or perhaps don’t relish the idea of roughing it? Glamping is for you my friend. Grab your tent and pitch it in the middle of the living room or perhaps the back porch. Easy access to plumbing, lighting and a refrigerator (easier to chill that bottle of bubbly!). You can pack a nice picnic lunch and light a bunch of candles, real or electric. Get really fancy and string some Christmas lights around the tent. Don’t forget to roast some marshmallows over a few candles!

Cook Together

Grab a bottle of wine and crack it open while you cook. Wine makes cooking way more fun, as does sharing the work. Just remember, if things start heating up faster than you expected, turn off the burner before leaving the kitchen.


Make new friends together

Heading out on the town … or yard, whichever

Be a Tourist

There are always sights in your own hometown that people will travel from all over the country to see but you’ve probably never been inside. I grew up near the Boxing Hall of Fame and I was only ever inside it once for a job interview. Grab a camera and do all the things tourists would do if they were visiting your town. If you have a AAA membership, you can get a listing of attractions around you that includes pricing.

Winter Sports

Bust out your winter gear, fill a thermos full of cocoa and hit the great outdoors. Winter in this part of the country means ice skating, sledding, snowmen, snow forts, snow ball fights, ice palaces and sculptures. In some of the larger park areas people will turn out to build huge snow sculptures. A few hours away from me is this insane ice castle they build every year. If there’s one near you, I highly recommend checking them out.

Watch the sunrise/set

This is one of my favorite things to do. If you are in the sticks, you can fill the bed of a pickup with pillows and blankets and just watch the stars fade into daylight. Inflatable pools also make great winter sky watching cocoons. Don’t have either? Don’t worry, a few blankets or a sleeping bag will get the job done. Make sure you bundle up!

Coin Flip Exploration

Hop in the car and bring along your sense of adventure. Have your co-pilot grab a coin and get to flipping. You can either do a predetermined number of flips if you live in an urban area or just keep flipping until you’re ready to stop. Tails and you turn left. Heads and you turn right. See where Lady Luck takes you. Just be sure to have a GPS or at least a map in case you flip yourself into the great unknown and don’t know how to get home.

Have any other cheap date night ideas?  Leave them in the comments below!