5/9 Real Bride Danielle: Marrying My Best Friend

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An older person once told me that you shouldn’t marry someone unless they were your best friend. At the time I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I think I have a better idea now. Michael and I have been going out for almost eight years now. We’ve fought as fiercely as siblings at times. We’ve laughed so hard we cried and cried so hard we’ve laughed. If either of us is having a frustrating day, we can vent to the other and secretly plot means of weakening our enemies together. I always think of him when I’m shopping and now have to resist the urge to buy him clothes. He thinks of me when he’s out and always brings me back cute little toys, snacks, flowers, or something shiny whenever he’s traveling.

Michael and I before the graduate hooding ceremony

Yeah sure, I love him. I get all tingly still when he kisses me. But my fiance is my very best friend. I keep seeing a lot of the people around me meeting people and marrying them quickly and it makes me wonder if they are marrying their friends or just their lovers. When we had only been going out for a short time, it was something I fretted over. But if he’s stuck around during the ragey PMS tidal waves of emotions, illnesses, dairy-induced stink butt and total meltdowns over something at work, I’m pretty sure he can stick around for anything. Hell, we can even barge in on each other while one of us is pooping.

I’m really glad I’m marrying my best friend.

Life has thrown a lot at us recently. His move to Connecticut, my job hunt, our engagement, my getting a job in Manhattan and our frantic search for housing and a giant wad of money have all happened within the past year or two. We’ve supported each other through each of these battles. Last week we did an intensive apartment hunt before driving back up to Utica, N.Y., for my graduation. I’ve been working on my Masters since 2013.

Michael and I leaving graduation early

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare that surrounded my graduation. It was actually kind of rushed so I could go to one of my bridesmaids’ bridal shower. Out of the entire ceremony, the moment I remember and cherish the most is not walking across the stage and shaking all of the important people’s hands or getting my diploma cover. My favorite moment was when I walked out of graduation early and met him in the lobby. He had a giant stupid grin on his face and wrapped me in a bear hug. As I basked in his warmth he quietly whispered “I’m so proud of you.”

Yep, that’s it: The most important moment of the weekend.

I know that, come hell or high water, we can weather whatever else life throws our way. I’m so glad he’s part of my life and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Are you marrying your best friend?