5/23 Real Bride Danielle: Embrace Your Inner Goddess with Boudoir Photos

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Gift-giving is perhaps one of my favorite pastimes. Michael thinks I’m insane for getting the amount of sheer joy I get from purchasing/making, wrapping and giving gifts to others. I also love getting gifts, too. Yes, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a small child trapped in a grown person’s body. That being said, I have known, even before we got engaged, what I wanted to get Michael as a wedding present: boudoir photos.

Credit: Celebrate Your Sexy

You just had either two reactions after reading that: abject horror or the intrigued little head tilt that you see on puppies. Don’t worry, I’ve had both reactions too. I have never been more nervous about doing something in my entire life, but now that it is done and I’ve seen the results, I couldn’t be more pleased.

A girlfriend of mine who is getting married attended a bridal show and won a pretty sweet package session with a company that offers their services nationwide called Celebrate Your Sexy. She knew this was something I had been dying to do and gave it to me. The entire experience was super professional and I would highly recommend it to literally anyone who identifies as female.

Credit: Celebrate Your Sexy

In some states, CYS has their own studios. In New York, they rent a suite in an upscale hotel to do all the photos. I dragged my sister, Angela, along for moral support and we met our photographer, Michelle, in the lobby. The session lasted an hour and a half, and I was allowed four outfit changes.

Credit: Celebrate Your Sexy

Michelle was super chill, funny and patient as she explained and sometimes demonstrated what positions she wanted me to be in. That, by far, was the hardest part of the session. She’d lean on the wall in some seductive-looking pose and ask me to do the same and I was totally like, I can do that. Then I attempt to do the same thing and realize I look like a wooden voodoo doll propped against the wall. Despite my lack of being a natural at posing for the camera, she still managed to coax my inner goddess out to capture on film. She’d show me some of the photos as we were going and I kept being surprised at how awesome they looked. Who knew you could look sexy with your ass stuck up in the air like that?

If you decide to get boudoir photos done, here are a few tips you might appreciate:

Wear an obscene amount of deodorant

I get really hot when I’m nervous. Like, clinical strength Dove kind of hot. You will be sprawled all over a room in your skivvies with a stranger. Both of you will appreciate your foresight.

Put your least favorite outfit on first

The first few photos Michelle shot were not my best work. I was still running with a dose of terrified in my system and the camera knew. I didn’t smile as well in these ones and overall ordered less of them when I bought photos. I’m glad that I didn’t waste shots in the outfit that I loved the most.

Stretch before you shoot

Your body will be in positions you never knew existed unless you’re a model or yoga master. Do yourself a favor and stretch before you start. It will help relax you a bit and you won’t get an ass cramp while trying to arch your back on a chaise lounge.

Make sure you are comfortable in what you pick to shoot in

Being comfortable in your own skin can be really hard. Every man and woman is conditioned from an early age with a view of what a “perfect” body looks like. There’s no such thing as a perfect body. Everyone has a beauty of their own that can only be found after you embrace it yourself first. Remember, the person you are marrying loves you for who you are, including every single dimple, roll and stretch mark. Keep this in mind when you purchase your lingerie or whatever you decide to shoot in. Try it on, too, and wander around in it to make sure when you’re asked to strike an insane pose, you can do this without busting a seam and smacking yourself in the face with a nipple.

Have fun

This was one of the single coolest, most fun things I have ever done. The three of us laughed so hard we cried at moments. I realized that, holy crap, I AM sexy, who knew?! I would do this again in a heartbeat and I’m telling everyone I know (who would get it) that they should give it a try.

Credit: Celebrate Your Sexy

I would 400% recommend checking out Celebrate Your Sexy if you are looking to get boudoir photos done. They were awesome and professional and made me feel like a total sexy boss. They were also nice enough to let me use their photos so you got an idea of their work quality.  

Are you getting boudoir photos done? Have you considered it?