7/4 Real Bride Amy: The Arrival of the Dress with Mixed Emotions

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Photo: Jon Black Photography

Credit: Jon Black Photography

Last week I got an email with “exciting news” from my bridal store that my gown had arrived! I wasn’t expecting it until next month, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was ahead of schedule! I didn’t take my mom along during the dress shopping phase, so I brought her with me to pick it up.

We headed to the bridal shop and were greeted by the owner, who is now more of a friend. We had a sip of champagne and got down to business. I was anxious to see my dress since it was made by a smaller Brooklyn designer, so the sample I tried on looks nothing like the real thing. For one, I am no where near a sample size, and I ordered a different color then the sample I tried on. I’m not sure what I expected. Sometimes I feel like people make a bride’s gown out to have magical powers, like you should unzip the garment bag and a brilliant light will surround the dress. That didn’t happen for me. The dress is pretty — of course it is. The color is a bit different than I expected. The thousand different names for shades of white is misleading. This “ivory” looks more like “candlelight” to me. Good news is it fits!!! Despite being a foot too long for my 5’2″ frame, it should only need minor alterations.

So as I tried it on, and stood on the little pedestal and spun around, my mother sat there silently. She didn’t have much to say, just that it is pretty. Yep, we’ve established that already. I later got it out of her that “it’s not what she pictures when she thinks of a wedding dress.” Well gee, thanks, Mom. So we were both rather lackluster about the whole thing. You always see and hear about the tears and yelps of joy and champagne flowing when you try on THE dress, but I don’t think that’s real life. It’s a great moment, yes, but it’s also a business transaction. That kind of takes the fun out of it. I handed over my credit card, and left with the most expensive article of clothing I will ever own, that I will wear for all of a few hours and then pack it away.

I guess I’m the bummer bride, but this is one of the times in the wedding process where there is a lot of hype, but reality just can’t live up to it. It was actually all kind of sad for me. Not only was it anticlimactic, but it really is starting to feel like the beginning of the end. It makes it all very real and very soon, that it will be over soon, and this beautiful gown and everything else will just be memories. It’s just a day. And it’s just a dress.

Have you experienced any pseudo letdown moments during your planning? Anything you thought would be way more exciting that ended up being just kind of … meh?

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