7/18 Real Bride Amy: Showered

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewThis past weekend, I had my bridal shower! I was pretty excited about an opportunity to celebrate with my friends. Like all things, I had to do something a little bit nontraditional. Since I’m not having a formal bridal party, there was initially some question over what the shower plans would be, but I have great friends, so a group of my would-be bridesmaids planned and hosted it for me. I split the cost with them, since they don’t have an official role, and had some input in the process. It’s safe to say that I’m a little Type A, so having an event for me be somewhat out of my control was bit strange. It was great and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Amy gets Bridal ShoweredWe did a cocktail style shower in the evening since my wedding itself is brunch.  I also never get to dress up in fun evening-wear enough, so this was a good excuse.  I wanted to wear something fun, so I got this Badgley Mischka rose gold sparkler from Rent the Runway. It was my first time trying RTR, and I will definitely do it again. First of all, let’s just say I’m not exactly a sample size. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered a wide range of sizes. You can order two sizes for free, so you have a backup, and there were lots of photos of non-model-looking that had worn the dress themselves so I could see how it looked.  For only $35, I got a beautiful designer dress. This is great for a BAB, or anyone for that matter, especially when so often you wear a dress once. Spread the word to your guests!  I think it’s a great idea if you’re attending a wedding too.

Okay, enough about my dress. We did a Paris theme because I like all things French. And any reason to have macarons is amazing. Decor was easy to find: some little Eiffel towers, pink and black linens, pretty simple. We even had a signature macaron-themed cocktail, which was delish! We did a couple simple games — no toilet paper wedding dresses; this was a classy affair. The first was a true/false quiz about my fiance and me and for the second game, everyone got an envelope with a handsome celebrity photo inside, but one person got a goofy photo of my future husband. That person won a prize.

Real Bride Amy- ShoweredIt was a fun night, but it wasn’t without it’s hiccups. For me, it was like the wedding dress rehearsal, a trial run of coordinating an event and being the center of attention. It also solidified for me that I’m so glad I’m having a very small wedding. Even with the small group I had, I felt I had to make sure I circulated around all night, gave everyone attention, gave profuse thank yous, etc. I missed most of the food! It was a good lesson-learned. It’s also good to let go once in awhile, even though it was hard for me to do that, and a times I had to fight feelings of “I wouldn’t do it that way.” All in all, I was able to spend some time with some great people, and got some great gifts.

Which reminds me: Lesson Number 3 — check your registry!  I registered at three different places, and ended up putting similar items on two different lists! Oops! I had registry amnesia by the time I was opening gifts! I didn’t even realize I had registered for some of the things I received. I went back the next day and made some different choices and removed some things. I wish I had done a double-check before the invites went out. I may have a slight obsession with Amazon.com, but their registry is great! It is user friendly, and provides a “Thank you” feature that lists each person, what they bought and their home address. Genius! Plus, who doesn’t love coming home to fun things in the mail that you didn’t have to pay for  A tip on Thank You notes: my pseudo-maids had the great idea to asks guest to address an envelope when they arrived. That way, all I had to do was write the note, stamp and send. No searching for Aunt Susan’s address! I highly recommend doing this!

Real Bride Amy enjoys her Bridal ShowerWe topped off the night with a slumber party with a handful of my closest friends. Sorry to disappoint you, no crazy bachelorette for me, but how often do you get to sit around in PJs without your girlfriends as an adult? We ate snacks, drank wine, played games, watched movies, and stayed up past our bedtimes. We all said we wished we did it more often. The last detail I’ll share is something cute the girls did. They got these custom wine bottle labels from Label With Love on Etsy. Each bottle is supposed to be consumed for a special occasion like our wedding night, first anniversary, “time to make a baby” (I’m not kidding), etc. Then they each bought a different bottle of wine, and applied the labels. They also have our names and the date of our wedding, and a little saying on each one. I thought this was such a cute idea! The hard part is waiting to drink them all!

I hope some of this inspired your shower plans!

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