2/28 Real Bride Alissa: Let Me Introduce Myself!

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Hey everyone! My name is Alissa, and I couldn’t be more excited to try my hand at blogging my wedding experience! This is my first time blogging, so bear with me as I figure this out as I go (which could be said about my approach to wedding planning as well).

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a New England girl who moved to Virginia about five years ago for job opportunities after the military. I was previously married and I have two little girls, L is almost 7 and Y is 4. My first wedding was barefoot and pregnant on my parents’ deck in Connecticut, so this is the first time I’ll be planning a “real” wedding. My fiance, Chris, has also been married previously, and as he puts it they were “in jeans and t-shirts at a courthouse” so we’re both fumbling through this wedding planning thing together. To give you a little bit of insight into our relationship and our personalities, and because I love telling it, here’s our proposal story:

Alissa and Chris's proposal story

Our date night/engagement night picture!

Chris and I met online about three years ago. Getting into a relationship with me meant getting into a relationship with my girls, so even though we took it slow on that front, waiting quite a while before introducing him to them and all that, it’s always been known that I’ve never been interested in a casual sort of thing. Marriage was something we’ve both wanted, and we had talked about it a lot. I’ve known I wanted to marry him for a long time, and by Christmas Eve, our third anniversary, I was getting a bit impatient. To be honest, I was a giant pain in the ass. Add in the holidays and all the super romantic proposal and engagement ring commercials on TV, and I was a peach to be around. No, I wasn’t throwing out ultimatums, but there were some significant looks going on when these commercials came on.

We always go to the restaurant where we had our first date for our anniversary, and this one was no different. We were sitting at the bar waiting for our reservation to roll around, when we got onto the subject of his sister, who had been dating her boyfriend for about six months at the time. I offhandedly said something along the lines of “if your sister gets engaged before we do I may actually kill you,” and we both laughed it off. Shortly after, he started insisting that we go outside and take a picture next to a fountain that was all lit up for Christmas. This was strange to me for a few reasons. My fiance is a southern boy through and through, and he HATES the cold with a burning passion, and it was pretty chilly out that night. He also never takes pictures unless I ask him to, so it was definitely a bit weird. So the fact that he was adamant that we had to go back out into the cold and take a picture 10 minutes before dinner was very odd. Odd enough that, even though he insists I had no idea what was going on, I started to get suspicious. So we went out and stood by the fountain, but there were people also standing next to it. Again, he became strangely adamant that we couldn’t take the picture when there were people around. Another thing you should probably know is that while my fiance is the quintessential extrovert, I am the polar opposite. While he is happy surrounded by people, I am just as happy by myself, with a good book, or surrounded by a small group of “my” people. So that fact that I was OK with people being there and he was not was, again, setting off alarm bells. So we went to the same place that we had taken our first date night picture and took yet another picture.

alissa engagement ring

From there it all kind of runs together, but from what I can remember I started to walk away and all I heard was “Baby,” looked back, and there he is down on one knee with the ring. I did the stereotypical hands to the mouth thing, and I think I said yes. I actually had to ask him after if I had, and he insists that I definitely did. What I do remember, very clearly, is going “oh my god, you asshole!” Luckily, he thought it was as funny as I did, and said that it was a very “me” kind of thing to say. We’re planning on getting married this November, on an itty bitty budget, so I hope you enjoy following us as we try and plan this!