5/22 Real Bride Alissa: Adventures with the Mother of the Bride

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So, after my slight breakdown , I’m back on track. Chris, the girls and I had a wonderful Mother’s Day, we went to Busch Gardens and had a really fun, relaxing day, which I think helped my overall mood a lot. My mother came down today to help me with the kids, which is always great. I have a race on Sunday, but their dad is going to a conference in Florida, and Chris has his paramedic class, so I needed some help with child wrangling. Cue my mother!

Say hi, Mom!

My mother, like me, is very type-A. She warned me before she came down that she had a list of things she had thought of that I still needed to do for our wedding. She wasn’t kidding.

The note.

Having both my mom and Chris is a wonderful thing. Chris is very laid back. He’s not uninterested, he just isn’t picky at all and is usually pretty happy with most of my ideas. My mom, on the other hand, is definitely on my team and agrees with a lot of what we want, but she will most definitely tell me when she doesn’t think something is a good idea or doesn’t think I need to do it, which is great when it comes to keeping costs down. So I have a good mix of laid back and type-A to help me plan. I was actually thinking of details today, and was considering wedding shoes. I’m definitely not a heels kind of girl. I’m tall, and Chris is my height (though he insists he’s a half an inch taller), so I don’t really need them. I’m also about as graceful as a baby giraffe, and I’d prefer not to break an ankle walking down the aisle. I already have a marathon the week before, so I’m definitely thinking flats are the way to go. Our colors are purple and silver, so I wanted to go with purple shoes. So I headed on over to Etsy, and I am absolutely in love with these shoes:

Purple wedding flats available from Etsy seller Walkinonair

I absolutely love the lace details around the heel, it’ll match the lace designs on my dress. They’re $67, which, for someone who usually shops at Payless (except for running shoes, those are the only shoes I’m willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on) is a bit pricey, but not horribly so. And I definitely have no problem wearing these again, I think wearing them to work after we get married will make me smile throughout the day. I think I’m actually liking planning the little details more than the big, expensive parts of the wedding. The girls and my mom are currently looking at flower girl dresses, so it may be one more detail down!

How’s your planning going? Is your mom stepping in to help?