1/11 Presenting… The Fantasy Frostings’ Broke-Ass Cake Collection!

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I got a riddle for ya:

Q: What do Nancy Reagan, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, Kate Walsh and Jennifer Lopez have in common?

A: They’ve all relied on Fantasy Frostings (the best damn wedding cakes in Los Angeles), cake designers to the rich and famous, for their decadent desserts… and now, via the exclusive Broke-Ass Cake Collection, your wedding can be next on their A-list client roster!

Here at Broke-Ass Headquarters we’re relentlessly seeking ways to make cutting-edge style and trends accessible to the broke-ass masses. So imagine how freakin’ excited we were when Leslie Maynor of Fantasy Frostings agreed to create a specially priced line of cakes just for our readers. We’re all up in Stella McCartney for H&M and Vera Wang for Kohls, so why the heck not do a Fantasy Frostings collection for The Broke-Ass Bride!

Now you know we takes our tastebuds seriously, and we devoured vetted many a tasty sample when entering into this partnership. At Fantasy Frostings they have their priorities straight: A cake that looks beautiful is nice, but one that tastes delicious is worth twice the price (even if it only costs half as much). Oh, and these cakes taste sooooo goooooood. Trust us, it’s hard to stop by the Fantasy Frostings kitchen without leaving covered in crumbs and licking buttercream off our fingers.

There is a good reason why Leslie’s family has been trusted with celebrity cakes for generations: their attention to detail. Each cake is personally designed together with the couple, creating your dream cake within your price range. They’ll discuss your budget, and make the cake as personal and as beautiful as it allows, giving you all their expertise, 30 yrs of design, and consultations free, for you to realize your cake vision….at a price that only The Broke Ass Bride can offer! From the moment you walk in and meet Leslie you’ll know you are somewhere special. And while the two of you discuss your delicious vision, your tastebuds will do a happy dance as you try some of the cake options for your big day. Does it sound like a dream? Well, wake up baby – its a broke-ass cost-cutting cake revolution!

For decades, the stars have flocked to Fantasy Frostings for their utterly craveable taste, timeless style and impeccable service. Now, with the exclusive Fantasy Frostings’ Broke-Ass Cake Collection you can afford to have your cake and eat it, too!

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