8/1 {Provocative Polls} Riding the Crimson Tide

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We’re introducing a new series here on BAB in which we all get to talk about the naughtier, saucier, more intimate and just plain sexy side of relationships under the permissively safe veil of internet anonymity…. I hereby welcome you to our very first Provocative Poll!

We’ll ask the taboo questions that everyone secretly wants to talk about. You answer. We share the results anonymously. What could be better? Its like the ultimate virtual sex gossip slumber party, without the embarrassment and crying (we hope)!

We’re starting off with an oldie but goodie… how do you feel about Period Sex? Y’know… parting the red V. running the red light. screwing mother nature. doing the red nasty. a little ketchup on the hotdog. earning your redwings. rag rollin’. red river rafting. menage a menstruation. riding the cotton pony. the big red O?

Or, are you more of a menstruation probation type o’ gal?

Weigh in! There are no wrong answers. And feel free to comment below to keep the conversation rolling! We’ll feature results and quotes and all sorts of bonus “sex with aunt flo” related info next week!

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • Diane

    You have touched on my most recent bridal fear…period on my wedding day!

    I'm not on the pill, we just kinda wing it. I'm all of a sudden in a panic that I won't be able to time it right at 4 months away…anyone else or am I just plain nuts?


    • BrokeAssBride

      Girl, hang in there! Chart your business for the next couple of months to determine how regular you're rolling. There are lots of apps and such to help with that.

      Worst case, you can always "delay" the flow by taking the right combo/kind of BC without actually "going on" BC long-term… just talk to your gyno about it 🙂

    • Meg

      I am on the pill and figured out about 2 months ago that I would be on my period for my wedding day (and honeymoon)… and my wedding is still 9 months away. So, I skipped my period so that I could rearrange my "calendar," and now I know I'm good to go! You're definitely not nuts–I'm sure most brides think about that being a possibility!

    • Alyssa

      My gyno actually gave me that talk with 10 months to go. He told me that if I had any concerns about a happy "Aunt flo" (my words not his) free wedding, that I should just call in and he or one of the nurses would be happy to discuss the options. Definitely call your doctor and ask for advice. It never hurts to ask the professionals.

  • dionne

    I don’t have a problem with it, but due to pain, raging mood swings and generally feeling rotten it isn’t something that happens for me! It’s definitely not a time when I feel remotely sexy.

  • Krista

    Diane, what do you mean by "wing it"? Rhythm method? (http://www.sexhealth.org/birthcontrol/rhythm.shtml)

    And 4 months out – if you're regular, you should be able to know by now if you'll have your period for your wedding or not. If you're not regular, or you will have your period, talk to you doctor or healthcare provider *now* to discuss options 🙂

  • christie

    Absolutely, Married sex is great and just go with mood if it hits !!!!!

  • Lynn

    I’m for it; my fiance not so much. Right about Day 2-3, my sex drive is incredibly high, and I’d really like to get it on. Considering how erratic my period my period is in both duration and frequency, there are a whole lot of days that we possibly can’t have sex.

    I dated a guy for awhile who had no limits and no inhibitions when it came to period sex. It was just another day for him. That made me a little uncomfortable, for him it was such a non-issue that I got over it.

  • Ashley

    It's not really something I used to enjoy due to the general ickiness I felt throughout the week but my guy really tries to go the extra mile to make me feel good before getting steamy. Since hot showers and they make me feel relaxed/refreshed, a lot of times it starts with washing each other in the shower. It also makes the whole romp a lot cleaner and we really don't notice the mess.

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  • There's a FABULOUS little thing called the Instead Cup. You insert it kind of like a diaphragm and it catches everything like a normal menstrual cup. BUT, it's soft and flexible. My husband says he doesn't notice anything. You can get it at most places you'd buy feminine products. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    • Ashley

      I have heard/seen these things go terribly wrong during sex. Like horror movie slasher scene wrong.

  • Brey

    I'm not currently married, thus not sexually active (a choice I made, not trying to impose my beliefs or anything like that), but I say if he's for it and I'm not writhing in menstrual pain, bring some extra towels and let's do this!

  • I haven't had a period in 13 years thanks to Depo (not recommended for long-term use for most people, but I have PCOS), so I'm pretty much thrilled that I can't participate in this discussion. I will say, though, that when I did have a period, I wasn't opposed to sex on the lighter days toward the end. My periods were like 12 days long when I actually had one, so I got bored after awhile!

  • Amanda

    This is a concern for me as like Brey, I'm not sexually active and doing the math, good ole Aunt Flo will hit either on that day or a day into the honeymoon. My fiance isn't squimish about it, but I'm a little unsure. I am highly against BC though even for short term. I just don't believe in monkeying with your system like that. So it's something I guess I'll learn to deal with. Wedding day is less than 3 weeks away now.

  • Ashley

    I had a friend get a really bad UTI after period sex, so that's one of the reasons I've been hesitant about it. (I was susceptible to them when I was younger, so I try to do what I can to avoid.) That and the aforementioned reasons of feeling really icky and not at all sexy. The fiance used to be really grossed out – he's less so now, but I try not to push it. So, yeah, it's a no for us too.

  • bridalrehab

    Well, some times you gots to get your freak on. If it's then, then it's then. That's all I've got to say about that. 😉

  • Sookie

    I’m getting married in less than 3 months and managed to schedule my period for the week after the wedding with the help of BC! But that’s besides the point. We treat sex on my period like any other romp, the extra natural lube is just an added bonus! My fiance says, “You can swim in the red sea, but don’t drink the water.” So, I say Go For It!

  • I’m getting an IUD on Saturday, the kind with hormones, so I have no idea what it will do with my periods!!! If necessary I will just use an Instead cup and load up on Advil.

    • Arlene

      Hi Stephanie,

      Do you mean Mirena? I've had one continually for about 6 years now (they last for 5, then you can get a new one). I had about 4 periods immediately following insertion, and then nothing since. FREEDOM! 🙂

      The insertion is a bit uncomfy….crampy and spotting…the removal is a bit worse, but tolerable. It was the right decision for me, and I hope you do well with it, also. 🙂

  • paige

    my partner and i literally have a red flow towel, my libido goes through the roof right before and during my period. i secretly think it's one of his favorites times of the month. we just throw down the towel and do the deed. i get what i need, he definitely gets what he needs and now instead of loathing that time of the month, i know i have a little something extra to look forward to. 🙂

  • cara

    It's so messy, at least in my mind, and I can't really get over that, so we just head to the shower! I hate having to warn him, though, but he's gotten better about the ick factor. He used to be super freaked out about the idea, and now towards the end he's okay with just putting a (dark brown) towel down to get the job done!

  • Jamie

    I'm in so much physical pain and discomfort (and the vomiting and lightheadedness) during that time that I'm not in the mood for anything but eating pretzels and laying on the couch. So it's never come up.

  • I'm not against it, but I wouldn't push the issue if my partner was grossed out by it. It can get a little messy sometimes, but that's what towels and showers are for!

    For those who talk about period cramps, I've found that it actually helps to alleviate some of that pain. Win/Win situation in my book!

  • anon

    Only in the shower…

  • Sarah D.

    I've tried it and didn't like it. It was (TMI) slimy feeling and no fun for me, so we don't do it anymore.

  • Juliana

    Wow, BAB! I'm already loving this new series on the blog! Call naive or whatnot but I just ASSUMED my whole life that NO ONE had period sex! Better yet, I didn't even know the term "period sex" until 30 seconds ago, lol. I'd think my husband would've been squimish about it but now that I know some men don't care would explain why when I got mine "during" sex last time my husband didn't seem to care as much.. huh.. Still not sure I would considering the pain of the first few days…but.. what about the mess??!

    Definitely an intriguing topic. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Miriam

    Sex is messy by nature… sweating and bodily fluids are the by-product. What's one more natural bodily fluid? I have an incredibly high sex drive anyway so to me… having sex during my period is better than no sex at all! Also, sex makes me feel better if I'm feeling yucky, physically or mentally. My advice to those hesitant, don't be grossed out (it's just another part of life) and try it, and then keep trying until you find something that works for you (shower, sponges, whatever). Don't let another fluid keep you from having fun 😀

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  • happenstancebride

    Why slow dow down the fun times?! All the parts fit together the same way, so we just throw down a towel and get to humping!