2/25 {Partner Love} The Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Safeguards Your Frock Forever

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Hey newbie BABS! I know you’re just getting that ball rolling on wedding planning, but it’s never too early to think about some things that have to get done after the big day. You’ve got your honeymoon, name change (if you’re going that route), thank-you cards… oh, and what about that gorgeous wedding dress of yours? The one that brought tears to your eyes as you tried it on for the first time? The one that brought tears to your man’s eyes as he watched you walk down the aisle? The one you danced and laughed and twirled in at your reception?

You don’t want to just shove that gorgeous number in the back of the closet, do you?

Here’s where the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit comes to the rescue! With 100 years  of cleaning and preserving under its belt, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company knows the best way to get that precious garment clean and safe. Free two-way shipping guarantees your gown gets to its preservation destination and back to you, and the added insurance helps put your heart at ease that your beautiful dress will make it there and back safely. With the handy dandy GownTracker System, you can even keep tabs on your frock as it ventures through the process.

But don’t think that it’s just your dress that gets the fancypants treatment! You can include up to three accessories for cleaning and preservation, so you can hold on to that gorgeous mantilla lace veil for your daughter to wear on her big day! And if you love your dress so much that you still want to be able to peek at it without exposing it to any potential damage (let’s face it, BABs, sometimes we form that attachment to things), the preservation kit comes with a bust to hold the gown’s form and a viewing window so you can still ogle the intricate details.

The fantastic folks at the Wedding Gown Preservation Company take special care to get those dirt, sweat and icing stains out of your dress and return it to its original, unscathed form. The kit also guarantees against yellowing for 100 years! Check out the video below to see how it works!

Oh, and that’s not all, Broke-Asses! Use checkout code “BROKEASSBRIDE” when securing your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit and score free shipping and a Starbucks gift card so you can get your caffeine fix as your wedding dress is getting its own fix. What are you waiting for?

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