11/6 Partner Love: MyOffers Serves Up Tips On How To Create A Truly Unique Wedding Experience

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Oh, hey newly-engaged BABs! We know that starting to plan your wedding can be a bit overwhelming, and sometimes finding ways to create your big day that oozes your love for one another without murdering your bank account can be tough. But fear not! Our UK partner MyOffers is here to get those wedding wheels spinning with 8 fun, funky and outright fantastic ideas to make your big day truly yours.

Go Vintage:

Whether you go for a classic ‘50s look, run with the swinging ‘60s, or delve into ‘80s noir, vintage weddings are always en vogue. Delicate dresses, themed decoration and kitschy details turn these weddings into scenes from period dramas, or postcards from eras gone by. Planning a vintage wedding can also be easy on your bottom line by making your own decorations and rifling through thrift shops. There’s tons of ideas and inspiration out there, all you have to do is find what speaks to you and go for it!

Run Away Together:

Forget the stress of organizing every far-flung relative and friend; forget the potentially huge list of expenses; forget about worrying over the weather; forget about diplomatically creating seating plans; forget about getting married with anyone around. Find a country you love, and go there. Get married on a beach, under the stars, or in a church in a town you’ve never been to before. Have a quiet ceremony, tie the knot and when you’re ready, re-emerge into the real world, happy and married. Elopements can serve as a secret memory, an inside moment you and your beloved can share for the rest of your life.

Under the Sea or Up, Up and Away:

Dive under the seas if you’re a SCUBA pro, take a boat out, or simply go for a paddle: As long as you don’t mind getting your feet wet, a water-filled wedding ensures that you’ll have the most unforgettable day. If water isn’t for you, take to the skies! Hot air balloons, bungee jumping and sky-walking … the possibilities are endless when you decide to take your feet off the ground. Although you won’t be able to have many guests with you at the time, there’s plenty of opportunities for an aquatic or aviation themed party afterwards.

Guest Cameo:

Plant members of a band around your guests, a la the opening scene of “Love Actually” (Eds. note: This scene makes me tear up EVERY TIME), have missing friends flown in from around the world – or simply trot up to the venue on your beloved horse. Having little surprises like a dog, an old university friend or a hidden singer can bring a whole new element to a wedding, especially if it’s kept a secret from everyone.

The Theme Scene:

If you’ve got a theme in mind, run with it. Get your guests to dress up, decorate your venue accordingly and go all out when it comes to you and your betrothed’s wedding day attire. From Alice in Wonderland, to rock’n’roll – push the boundaries and see how inventive people can get.

Get Your Hands Dirty:

If you’re low on cash, or don’t fancy blowing your savings on one day, make the most of what you’ve got. Find a friend with a gorgeous backyard, go DIY on your decorations and trawl charity shops and secondhand stores for your attire. Get close friends and family to pitch in with their own elbow grease, and your day will truly be created by love.

Think Outside the Location Box:

Don’t just stick to churches or courthouses: There’s nothing stopping you from branching out and holding your wedding in your favorite place. From museums to libraries, and bookshops to barns, put your own stamp on your day by holding it somewhere new and meaningful. Love flying? Check out an airplane hangar. Got a knack for history? Preserved forts and homes often host events and provide unique locales.

Get Festive at a Festival:

Welcome your friends and family to a WedFest, and say goodbye to formal seating plans, three-course meals and rigid dress codes. Find a large piece of land, with room for camping, stock up on alcohol and easy-to-eat finger foods, and rally together everyone you know who’s been in a band, owns a guitar or fancies themselves as a DJ. Let the wedding fun begin!

Written in part by Ben Skinner of competition website MyOffers who offer wedding dresses and other accessories in their free competitions. Visit them online at www.myoffers.co.uk

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