2/13 {Partner Love} Invitations By Dawn Wants You To Get The Word Out Without Breaking The Bank

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Oh, hey, newbie bride! Got that guest list done? Are you now working on those baller wedding invites and scouring the Interwebz for the cheapest yet most amazing ones you can find?


Invitations by Dawn has a ridiculous amount of beautiful and shockingly wallet-friendly options for you. Want it quick ‘n’ easy? Want fancy-pantsy? Want ALL THE THINGS? They’ve got it covered.

Whether it’s chevron-striped, engraved or thermographic style you’re coveting, or a quick ‘n’ easy seal ‘n’ send, there are a wide array of options available to make it simple, painless and fully within your budget.

Don’t have time to figure out how to coordinate your invitations, response cards and reception cards? Or the budget to pay out the nose for each individual item? No sweat. Choose the 3-in-1 package and get all the stationery coordinated to match and worded by you. Check those bad boys off your list and move on to the next big to-do.

Working with Invitations by Dawn is uber simple. Not only can you have your pick of their huge selection, but you can choose to get an e-proof to make sure all your info is legit before it flies away in the mail. Got a huge order? Sweet, because any purchase over $175 scores free shipping! And if you tend to be the antsy type (let’s face it, you’re planning a WEDDING. Antsy is your middle name!) you can check in on your order status any time. Oh and their customer service? Yeah, they’ll take care of you. Super quick responses make those middle-of-the-night panic attacks about spelling dissipate in no time flat.

Check ’em out and get another thing checked off your list. You’ll thank me for it later.

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