7/19 {Partner Love} Get the Gifts You Really Want With Wedding Republic

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We know you know The Broke-Ass Bride lurves the option of cash registries. So we’re super pumped to introduce our newest partner, Wedding Republic. With fully customizable options and swoonable aesthetics, Wedding Republic makes it easier for you rockin’ couples to ask for cash or awesome travel/life experiences, without the awkwardness.

Your guests will squee with delight over the amazingly easy and convenient shopping experience. No longer will they be forced to buy those salad tongs because the rest of your registry has been all bought up. They even have the option to pitch in with other guests for that one-of-a-kind experience, like a honeymoon dinner for two on the beach or a couple’s massage.

By setting up your registry with Wedding Republic, you can tell your family and friends how you plan to spend your new life together, and they can feel like a piece of the puzzle by chipping in for those bits that will help build it – like a down payment on a home, perhaps? Paying down/off your student loans? A once-in-a-lifetime European getaway? What do you really want in lieu of flatware?

But don’t think for a second that once you build your registry, that’s it. The team at Wedding Republic will be there every step of the way, with Wedding Registry Consultants always available to address any questions you might have. So, stop worrying over whether you really need another toaster and start considering what it is you would really like to do. Of course, if you do need that toaster, you can still get cash-money to snap up the one you want!

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  • Lou

    Love this post! Finally an easy to use and great looking cash registry 🙂