4/7 Oh, Happy Day! No, It Ain’t Botox

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I know what you’re thinking. “This site looks amazing! Did it lose 10lbs? A new haircut? Something is different!”

Very observant, young grasshopper! We got a mini facelift! older posts are now listed horizontally, all clean and sexylike! We also shuffled around a few buttons, and kicked some dustbunnies to the curb. You likey?

We’re also happy for a few other bad-ass reasons, such as…

This incredible write-up about us, and our cake collection, by the fabulous (and totally adorable) Mindy Weiss!

Later this week, we’ll be introducing two very special new members of the broke-ass brigade, who will be stopping in regularly to share their goodies and make you love them. I’m so excited, because these ladies are two absolute bad-asses in the business and dear friends of mine – both with excellent style and super terrific hearts! So stay tuned for that!

Our friend Meg at A Practical Wedding launched her gorgeous new site design this week! Go Meg, its your berfday!

AND, we have a very exciting FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY contest coming up soon! Hellllllz yeaaaah!

What are you happy about today? Do you like our new look?

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