10/21 Link Lust: Our Bloggy Girlfriends (& Boyfriends!) Show A Little Leg…

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This week we’d like to welcome Preston Bailey ( a dude wedding blogger, y’all!) to our humble little blog swap….

BRIDEfinds has photos of the Vera Wang black wedding dresses that rocked the bridal world this week.

If you’ve always thought wedding garters were old-fashioned and silly, you’ve simply got to see these gorgeous garters Preston Bailey’s Bride Ideas found. These garters are stunning works of art!

Don’t panic, but there are things you might not know about your own wedding. Things that may end up costing you extra time and money. The Broke-Ass Bride totally has your back though.

A few naughty and nice black pumps to go with Vera Wang’s black wedding dresses from OK, Now What Bride.