7/6 “Just Be You” Inspiration Board #2

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Last week’s Just Be You Inspiration Board worked so great (Rock n Roll Bride featured it, hello!), I thought I’d slap another one together for some wedding inspiration and to keep y’all inspired to just be YOU.

This week’s board is filled with ideas that you may have originally scoffed at when first presented with. Truth be told: I scoffed at A LOT of ideas my Specialover presented to me in the beginning of our wed-planning journey. I’d say to him: “What?! Not give everyone an actual seat during the ceremony, are you crazy?!” …And then, after much thought, I realized that a ceremony where some of the guests sat on blankets would be really freakin rad.  Just take a look at the wedding in the bottom right corner of this board.

Just Be You Inspiration Board #2

Cool, right? Just head to a fabric store, purchase some burlap for $1.25/yd and cut it up into picnic blanket-sized sheets. Slap the burlap blankets alongside the aisle and in the front row, and instruct the younger folk to cop-a-squat. And hey, you could even sweeten the deal for those on the ground by serving a little sangria or lemonade.

Crazy idea numero dos that’s actually cool: Doughnut tower cake. You could make that shiz the morning of, dudes. NO JOKE. Hit up The Krisp, pick out 100 doughnuts in assorted flavors and coordinating colors, bring ’em back to your desert table and stack ’em until they look pretty. Dessert: DONE. (And damn delicious).

Next up: Dance floor alternative. Let’s face it, some people just don’t dance.  Lawn games are an awesome way to get your guests to have fun and interact. My favorite is Bocce Ball. It’s cheap, super-easy to learn and requires no set-up.

Attire this week is all about honoring your heritage. I asked Mike if he were Scottish would he wear a kilt at our wedding, and he came back with an enthusiastic YES. So if you’re considering incorporating your heritage in your attire, I say go for it! Even if that means wearing a skirt, gentlemen 😉

And lastly, there needs to be more pizza served at weddings. PERIOD. End of story. Just look at that pizza porn up there. I’d serve that at my wedding in a hot minute — and it would be cheap.

What “crazy ideas” are you reconsidering now?

  • it was so great! i loved it and i love this one too!!

  • Angela

    LOVE the donuts idea – perfect instead of a cake or cupcakes!

  • I'm doing pizza!

  • Pizza, wow, that is such an awesome idea! Def. going to consider that now..

  • We're not "reconsidering," but I'm fairly sure we fit in the "just be you" vibe. We're having a mariachi band and pinata, take-out chinese food, cupcakes, and we'll have Rock Band set up instead of a dance floor. Did I mention the kids' crafts?

  • Loving these ideas. Who ever said cheap isn't fun? Sitting on the lawn eating pizza is way better than a stuffy hotel with fancy stuff 🙂

    • Springflower

      I 2nd that!!! 🙂 All the Ideas are so Brilliant!! and Fun!!

  • Great ideas. It takes a creative person to pull it off and you seem to fit the bill.

  • I love the idea of pizza at the wedding. I just recently made some amazing homemade deep dish pizza, and it was so damn good I immediately thought of serving deep dish the wedding – though it would be a stretch to make it all myself. We've also considered a hamburger bar.

  • Gourmet pizza sounds like an awesome idea for wedding food! MMM Im getting hungry! Who doesn't love pizza?! LOL! Im sure there are ppl that don't love it! Love the donut tower…saw that on another blog where it was from her cousin's wedding! So people actually have done that and it rocks! I love seeing fun ideas and out of the box ideas for weddings. Hmm…we had a Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel Groom's Cake…and we live in Eagles country Philadelphia! HAHA! ♥ GO STEELERS! ♥

  • Ooh Donut Tower Cake – LOVE it. And my groom is wearing a kilt and I cannot wait to see my man all duddied up! (as is best man, dad, …etc …but they actually are Scottish) I love that blanket idea as well

  • We're getting hitched at an aviation museum. They have the ugliest contraption there which is a permanent, can't be moved flight simulator. We've decided to embrace the ugly and negotiated for our guests to get free rides! Now, I'm really excited to see my friends in all their finery riding the simulator like little kids. 🙂

  • Miriam

    I'm glad I'm not crazy. I'm already planning blankets during the ceremony and games during the reception. Most of our friends are musicians (my grandpa has a mustache that rivals Yosemite Sam's and he plays the banjo… it doesn't get much better) and artists so there will be crafts and an invite for musicians to bring acoustic instruments…I'm crossing my fingers for a good ol' fashion sing-a-long 🙂