12/10 Hello, Lovers… Longing From Afar.

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Dear fellow budget brides, I am sorry to tempt you so. But I simply must share these lovely ladies. I cannot help myself. Let’s all let out a collective “Le Sigh” and gaze longingly at Hey Lady’s line of “anti-dyeable, actually danceable wedding shoes”

Your something blue, perhaps?

Guh. I just choked on my own sigh.

For the lacy lady with a tealength number.

And… my favorites. These are just the perfect mix of sweet and sass… like me, yo!

At $200-200+ per pair, I shouldn’t even be thinking such naughty thoughts… and I do love my shoes…. but I just can’t help myself! Oh well, a girl can always fantasize, right?

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • Stephanie and Chris

    I love love love the second one. It doesn't look to difficult…could be a DIY project in the works.

  • preppy little dress


  • Miss Trini

    Shoes!Love the second set. And the racy lacy ones. If only I could buy more wedding shoes…

  • Mary Michal

    I love the first and second pair. They are gorgeous! Like you, I'm on a budget, and $200 is out of my range. But hey, a girl can still dream.

  • Silvia

    OMG! The second pair is to die for! Must. Look. Away!!

  • Bridechka

    OOOOH the ones with the pearls make me swoon 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This comment came from the mom’s prespective,
    the kids love the beauty, the mom Knew it’s
    GOOD 4 you!!! (Healthy Pad was the real cool thing!) Sylvia

  • Rachel

    Oh, I love the second ones too!!!!

    Bonus – they look like you could wear them again, versus the white lacy ones.

    But, yeah, $200 on shoes is a lot. At least for us broke-ass chicks!

  • Stephanie @ Gossip.

    Are you freaking kidding me with this gorgeousness?Be still my beating heart.

  • Simply Chic

    So cute, the second ones are gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    How damaging is it to actually buy a pair of these puppies if you're on a tighter budget? My fiance is going to kill me…