12/21 {Giveaway} Score a Literati E-reader!

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Did you ask Santa for a nifty Literati  e-reader this year? Well we hate to upstage the big guy, but kids, the Broke-Ass Bride gift-giving train is pulling into the station!

Literati e-reader from The Sharper Image
That’s right, this week we’re giving away one of the few full color e-readers on the market today – the Literati, from The Sharper Image! It’s slim, super portable, and easily integrates with your laptop or smart phone.

We got one to play with from the fine folks at Sharper Image, and its pretty darn fly! As someone who hates carrying a heavy book around, but hates to sit anywhere with nothing to do, its a great purse-friendly gadget. The full-color screen is enough to make you say, “oooh shiny!”, and its super easy to acquaint yourself with… very user-friendly. Its the only e-reader I’ve ever gotten to play with, but I’m definitely a fan.

Whether you’re a gal obsessed with gadgets, or you’re just dying to snuggle up by the fire with all that premium literature literally right at your fingertips, we’d like to give you one of this holiday season’s hottest gifts!

Granted, there are two types of people in this world – those who feel the fundamental need to own an e-reader, and those who still profess to prefer the look, feel, and slightly musty smell of an actual book. Well, if you’re not already swayed by the power of FREE, here are a few more reasons you should hop on board the e-reader bandwagon:

  • Convenience: Don’t break your back lugging around 4-5lbs worth of bridal books… just download your faves to take along for your hair trial or train rides, so you can plan on the go!
  • Your Honeymoon: Buy six bulky paperbacks and cram them into your beach tote at the airport book store, OR bring your e-reader and have over 2 million titles available in an instant.
  • Coffee Shop Cred: Put an end to shamefests brought on by publicly pouring over your favorite glossies. Browse your favorite gossip rags discreetly via your e-reader! If anyone asks, claim you’re reading A Confederacy of Dunces.
  • The Office: Pop in an SD card for an addition 8 GB of storage, and peruse important documents during the morning meeting! Or… you know, gossip rags.
  • Clutter!: Once all your favorite tomes are loaded on to your svelte little e-reader, you can clear out your bookshelf, and cart your space-sucking novel collection down to the nearest charity shop!
  • Domestic Bliss!: Read after-hours without disturbing your partner – you don’t even have to leave a light on,  just put your e-reader on “night reading” mode! Your partner will wake up refreshed and noticeably less cranky, and they’ll never give you grief for reading until 2 a.m. – because they’ll never know.

Now, are you sufficiently convinced that the Literati will drastically improve your quality of life? Awesome!

There are THREE ways to win! You get….

  • One entry for completing this sentence in the comments below: “If I won a Literati e-reader from Broke-Ass Bride, I would  ___.”
  • One entry for tweeting “If I won a @LiteratiReader from @BrokeAssBride I would ________.”
  • One entry for subscribing to our weekly newsletter, here.

So get it while the getting’s good! Don’t you think you’ve earned yourself the gift of knowledge?

This contest closes Tuesday, January 3rd, 2011.