5/14 Giveaway: Microsoft Office 2008 For Mac!

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When the folks at Microsoft asked me to host a giveaway of Office 2008 for Mac, I just about died… but when I learned they are releasing assets to help DIY budget brides design their own custom save-the-dates, invitations, place cards and more, I knew this was a contest that would make you all do the happy dance too.

I’ve been a Mac gal for several years, but won’t deny that the functionality of MS Office software is really convenient and universally badass. This software retails for around $150 normally, but this week I’ll be giving away FIVE copies to lucky Broke-Ass Bride readers!

So, here are the details:
To enter, leave a comment below stating what you would make with your MS Office 2008 for Mac software, by midnight Wednesday 5/20 PST!
Bonus: If you cross-post this on your own blog with a linkback, and comment about it, you’ll get 3 extra entries! That’s thrice the chance to win! Post about it on facebook or twitter*, that’s another extra entry each! Oh snap, the possibilities!

So what are you waiting for, get in on this business, and get crafty, yo! Remember, you have until 5/20, so spread the word!

*Twitterers, be sure to @brokeassbride me, so I know you did it!

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  • Mandy

    Dumpling Mandy wants to win! I have a MAC at home but since I dont have MS Office on it, I have to use my slow nasty PC to work from home after baby is born. I'll link love you on my Facebook. Have to leave now to pee….bye!


    Please pick me!!! I use MS Publisher all the time at work, but not so much at home on the Mac. MS Office for MAC would be so awesome for last minute paper goods like petal cones and name cards!! PleASE!!Love,Miss Perfume (aka Roganista)

  • atout

    I'd make a thesis! I have that horrible free windows and I hate it! This is such an awesome giveaway!

  • Ali (aka Miss French

    I just got a my first Mac and I need stuff! I'd make my wedding menus with it for sure!P.S. I also reposted on Facebook and I'm on my way to Twitter 🙂

  • mismikado

    Such a wicked giveaway! I'm flipping out over here. I've been a devote Mac user for 3 years and that has been 3 years of making due with Pages :-/ MS Office would be so handy for creating all my last minute paper goods. Especially the labels I'm using on our wedding favor fans. Stinkin' Avery only making templates for word *shakes fist* Oh and I reposted at: http://mismikadodowntheaisle.wordpress.com/2009/0

  • Logan

    This is an awesome giveaway. I'd love to win so I can make all kinds of stationary.I posted the giveaway on my blog, and I'm going to add some link love to FB.Thanks for this great offer!

  • Jillian

    I would love this to make some beautiful custom table numbers! It would also be great for me since I'm a teacher and Office would be super helpful!

  • ColorCoated

    Oh man! That MS Office would really come in handy! I'm all ready dreaming of using excel to create such beautifully organized spreadsheets of vendors, prices, and our budget! It would be amazing.I also posted on my blog at weddingwebnotes.blogspot.com

  • Lauren

    This would be SUCH an upgrade from the crappy stuff I'm using?

  • Machelle

    I recently have started working towards my BBA and I am using my MacBook…but the MS office would be so helpful!!! I love my Mac but I don't love using TextEdit ! I have been looking to purchase it…but have held off so this would be a super sweet deal for me! And we have a birthday coming up for my daughter…and we could do some super cute invites! Pick me!

  • Marie

    First I would re-do my resume to find a better job, and then I would use it to help plan and budget my wedding!

  • cdziuba

    I would use it to make invitations! What a blessing it would be to win this, many thanks for the chance to win. cdziuba@aol.com

  • cdziuba
  • Michw37

    I am a PBIS coach for our elementary school so I could use Microsoft Publisher to put together brochures for our parents promoting special events and what our team is trying to do to make our school a safer more successfull environment

  • Jennifer {Bridal Inq

    I would use it to do my blog posts!!! I just got my mac for my birthday and I bought the iworks software thinking it would be similar to my MS Office…..NOT! I haven't made a single inspiration board since giving up my old dell laptop. I am LOST…please help =) I am off to share this AWESOME contest with the world! Thanks lady!

  • Anonymous

    Maryzenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) comI don't have to tell you how fabulous this would be to have on my MAC, I am soooooooo tired of struggling with Quark to get anything done and this would simplify my life wonderfully 🙂

  • annulla

    I would use it for creating documents and keeping track of everything I need to take care of — schedules, to-do lists … everything!

  • inkOBSESSIONdesigns

    Oohhh…I would love this. I’m coming out with a line of printable wedding invites and more for DIY brides and this would be perfect to send them the files!

  • s . w a t a n a b e

    everything !

  • Anonymous

    I'd use it for all sorts of things, from writing nice looking letters with Word to using Excel and Access for organized information storage.Thanks for the giveaway. :)cilution0@hotmail.com

  • Laura Kuntz

    I'm making my own invites and well so far, nothing i've designed thrills me! Can't afford much so this would be a great help I'm sure! Stoked about the possibilities. Posting this post on my blog right now!

    << mesoolala.blogspot.com >>

    pick me! 🙂

  • Machelle

    I posted on my blog and on facebook….yipee!! I’m so excited…

  • Anonymous

    Heck Yeah! I’m into it. I like to desktop publish, and sheeet. valeriekrasny@hotmail.com

  • kyroberthl

    I would use it to send out invitations to my family reunion. This is a great contest, Thank you for the chance to win!

  • agordon10

    a resume

  • Krista

    Ceremony booklets (with recycled paper, of course).Oh, and I love it when anyone can use the word "thrice" in a sentence. 🙂 Definitely one of my fave words.

  • Jennifer {Bridal Inquirer}
  • denyse

    I'd love it for invited for my children's birthday's. I know my husband would find uses for it for everything under the sun!

  • zoliepup

    Now that I’ve successfully made my invitations using GIMP and Word (of all programs)! (Word was great, but powerpoint would have worked great too) I’d love to help out my friends with their invitations.

    It was way too much fun not to use those skills again!

    I love my Mac, and I need newer software, as my MS Office is *way* out of date!

  • Saralyn

    Yo Pretty Lady, I just got engaged and this would be HELLA HELPFUL!!! With the overwhelmingly growing "TO DO" list staring me down, my head is SPINNIN'!The budget, Save the Date, Invitations gallor! A girl needs to get a handle on this, Yo!xo

  • Sunnyvale

    I'd give it to my daughter who has a MAC

  • Cobbalicious

    Dude, all I know is I have less than three weeks and 60+ place cards to make. Helllp.

  • nem3f

    Please pick me! My little sister and I are BOTH engaged, with a family list alone of 84 peeps, and she is a Mac goddess. We could do invites, RSVPs, thank you notes, programs, and a gazillion other things…. Puh-leeeze????

  • thealater

    My version of Word is so old that is uses cuneiform as the default font. Time Roman is so new agey. I'll cross post to Facebook and does LJ count as my blog?

  • Anonymous

    Both of my sons start college in Sept. and they would make "A's"!!! This would be crucial to have! We have old computers as it is without word so this would be such a blessing!

  • GinaE1980

    I am not really sure what I would make I KNOW that I know that I know my Husband who just puchased an IMAC would love this, AND fathers day is just around the corner. So I guess I do know what I would make with it. I would make it into a gift he would love.

  • GinaE1980

    I tweeted GinaE198 0http://bit.ly/79Yv0 Microsoft giveaway for MAC's I love blog sites!

  • GinaE1980

    Crossed blogged with yours with a post back. http://ginae1980.blogspot.com/

  • chefflizz

    I would make my own invitations for family functions!!

  • Luis

    I'm a Mac, I'm a Mac!I use this all the time to create files I can share with all the PC's in my life, unfortunately I'm still running the old version, which starts to not be great after a while.Would love to win the upgrade, thankS

  • Glamour This! offici

    Mac gal here… Mac gal here… I have an old version of Microsoft office that is real real old, and my Mac doesn't appreciate me not giving her the best of the best software outthere, so ya, shed be happy for the upgrade.What I would do with it, budgets excel sheets, and creating files for my new business venture… I can use all the help I can get.Great giveaway!!!

  • Glamour This! offici

    Just tweeted. @blushink

  • RE

    Love it! I've been a Mac user for about 5 years, and can't think of living without my Apple. I'd use this software everyday, as I have to publish reports, powerpoint etc. My fiancee and kids would aslo get a good deal of use out of this as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Princess Golden Hair

    I would make some graduation invitations for some of my students who can't afford to purchase their own.

  • Shel

    I've been dying for a copy of Microsoft Office; I'd love to set up a database for gifts and be able to do a mail merge for save-the-date & thank you cards that I design myself. It would be fun to put together a Power Point presentation of the whole wedding process too, from the planning to the honeymoon; wouldn't that be fun to look at years from now? The household uses after the wedding are endless, too! I'd love to build a database of all my new household appliances with their purchase dates and warranty information so it would be all at my fingertips. shel704 at aol dot com

  • Shel
  • Shel

    I blogged toohttp://auntiethesis.blogspot.com/2009/05/giveaways-around-blogosphere-part-2.htmlshel704 at aol dot com

  • A.

    I love Mac! This is an awesome giveaway. I'd use it to create ebooks.

  • Carolyn G

    I would use this to do invitations and cards. This is such a great product. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I would use this for letters!baller19822002@yahoo.com

  • anna t.

    I could do my church spreadsheets on my home Mac instead on my work's PC.

  • Rachel

    I would use the software to start my wedding invitations… yes, start them, I know I'm cutting it close, but that's why I need the software!

  • freaaa1

    I would make some persoanlized stationary and greeting cards. thanks! (freaaa@gmail.com)

  • Bridechka

    What wouldn't I do??? Make invites, save the dates, programs, menus … I would make them all.

  • Bride in Exile

    Oh, I would so love to win this!! I'm a committed Mac girl working off a pretty old Microsoft Office suite. I would love to have the software upgrades to print my menu cards, wine lists, and escort cards.I removed my first post so I could add: I just posted this to my blog with a link! brideinexile.blogspot.com

  • Politics and Pearls

    Oh my Lord…. I would just DIE to win this. I have a wedding in my near future and my little MAC would love the upgrade. I think it feels neglected because my work PC gets all the attention. :o) I am a new follower – glad I found you.

  • sweetsue

    I'm a student and most of my classes are online. My teachers only take Microsoft documents. I would use this to submit my schoolwork. I also would love to make some bookplates!

  • chromiumman

    we'd use it for school projects

  • Leland's Mama

    This would mainly be used for spreadsheets and documents to keep my blog reviews, contacts, giveaways, etc. more organized.

  • Leland's Mama
  • blueeyeleo

    I have been a Mac user for 4 yrs now and there is so much I could do with this. Spreadsheets and name cards for xmas present and its endless. sallstunathotmaildotcom

  • Erica

    I would use it to design my Best Friend’s wedding invites. She is so beautifully un-Bridezilla, that the Target online wedding section was a revelation for her. I would love to be able to gift the invites and help her with the budget. She is the kind of girl that would give you a kidney if you needed. Thanks for letting me gush about my friend!

  • darlanpaulsmamma

    I would use it for all our invites, we have lots of parties fro various things, birthdays, bbq's, house parties(having an American Idol tonight), baby showers, just everything! melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

  • Anonymous

    Great giveaway – I would use it to be more organized ! – create files and letters.elaineneal389[at]hotmail[dot]com

  • pickledseeds

    I have a MAC and would love to win this! I would use it write a letter to my Granny.

  • susan1215

    I would use it to make invitations to for my daughters birthday

  • Jena
  • Jena

    Or this tweet, which includes your @: http://twitter.com/muse2323/statuses/1852894189

  • Anonymous

    Oh, what DIY loverliness I see in my future with this software! Oh what pretty weddingness can be created, from “be my bridesmaids” to “thanks for the toaster”… Visions of sugar(mac)plums are dancing in my head. Pick me! Pick me!

    yhigata (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Gemma

    I LOVE MY MAC!! I would make my invites, thank you cards, save the dates, menus and programs…i think that covers everything!!


  • Gemma


    Here is my blog so you can see that I made a post about the giveaway =)

  • SeahorseLady

    My son is in college and I know that he could use this for keeping organized and making spreadsheets. I'm not a MAC user and am not familiar with all of the great things that a MAC can do but my son swears by his. He's a fine arts major and couldn't live without it.

  • jcpawlik

    My husband installed Office 2003 on my IMac. It works fairly well but gas some quirks like disappearing icons etc. I would like to try in my native mode Mac X operating system!

  • yadgirl

    I'd give it to Debbie.

  • Jena

    Lovely! I’d actually be able to open the .docx documents people send me!

    As to what I’d make–hopefully, I’d be writing a novel. Or at least a story longer than ten pages. But I’ve got some brochures to design, too.

  • susannaph

    I’ve been a Mac owner/user for years. 2 years ago I changed jobs and they use PC’s. I enjoy working with Office 2007, but will never own anything but a Mac at home. I would love to have Microsoft Office 2008 for my Mac. I would use it edit documents at home and e-mail back to work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • guettel78
  • guettel78
  • Valerie

    My Mac needs this!I guess I would do assignments for college, hahaKawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  • Anonymous

    I’m an experimental filmmaker and use Mac for Final Cut, Adobe, Music… but if I had REAL word processor!!! I would write myself some sweet grants and use it to make nice self promotional material for my budding art exhibit, then I could quit my restaurant job and do what I really love!


  • louiseb130

    My granddaughter is graduating, so I'd use it to make inviations to her party

  • carolpie

    Pregnant here with baby boy in a few months, so I would love to make some rockin' baby announcements! Thanks!

  • cstironkat

    Homework. I would also do some flyers for my Dog Rescue group's fundraiser.

  • wendy

    I would make things for my daughter to use in her school reports.madamerkf at aol dot com

  • Anonymous

    i would make an attempt with invitations.timgus at cox dot net

  • Anonymous

    I'm a MAC addict and am making my save the date, invites, programs, favours and seating chart and cards. Can you tell mine will be a total DIY wedding?I'm trying to get a website up, but in the meantime, I'll link my art.Thanks.Marcia Iwasaki (boschka2000@yahoo.ca)Art of Happiness: http://web.me.com/miwasaki1/Art_of_Happiness/Welc

  • Heidi Gail

    I would make address labels with this program – I don't have a program that does this and it would sure save my poor arthritic fingers from handwriting all the addresses.

  • Nica0326

    I would make one heck of a better way of doing business if I won this. My program now is old.

  • MAC Mom

    Microsoft Office for MAC would be great for me as a STAY AT HOME MOM to make spreadsheets for my grocery list and menu for the week. My daughter would love it to make cards for her friends and family.Thanks for the great giveaway.jesskaufman at hotmail dot com

  • MAC Mom
  • guettel78

    Sweet giveaway, and it couldn’t come at a better time! I’m a PhD student in psychology and currently writing my dissertation — my student license for Microsoft Office is set to expire, which means I won’t be able to work on my paper in Word on my laptop for much longer, so getting a new version for my Mac would be a godsend for me to create my finished doctoral thesis. I get my best work done at home and at coffee shops, so I’d love the chance to keep using my favorite Word Processing program to preserve my productivity (and sanity). Thanks for the chance!


  • purango

    I would use it to make my resume and invitations for my daughter’s graduation and birthday parties. garrettsambo@aol.com

  • brianpiero

    Thanks for the giveaway…We are a Mac family and my wife is just starting to help her sister plan her wedding / family reunion for next summer; they are going to do as much DIY in planning as possible, so this would be a real asset, especially in the invitation department- she was telling me a quote for 200 invitations yesterday, calligraphy, and I couldn't believe it- she said "We are going DIY baby !!!"…and it might keep them under budget !!!senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Erica C.

    I’ve got a friend who has her own party planning business…I’d give this to her to get things going right!

  • Jinxy and Me

    I would make business cards!

  • Couture Lady

    I would use Microsoft Office to do some work at home instead of having to go to the office. I can write letters and make spreadsheets from the comfort of my bed. fly18grl21@aol.com

  • Jayfr

    I'd use Office to do some of those quick and easy graphics that I have been doing on my PC, like frames for the kids preschool pictures. Powerpoint handles this well.

  • Steve M

    Address labels, business cards, etc.writetosteve(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • masonsgranny59

    my daughter could design her own custom save-the-dates, invitations, place cards and more:)

  • lilyk

    I would make newsletters with the MS Office 2008 for Mac software.

  • Harrison

    Everyone loves the low cost of "for free"!! Hah, thanks for passing along this!

  • Anonymous