10/2 Get the Bridal Glow – Wedding In A Week Gives You A Facial

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I want you to look me in the face. Closer. C’mon closer. Are ya lookin’. What do you see? Only the most vibrant, clean-pored skin this side of Broke-Ass County, that’s what what! I got a review sample of the Clarisonic a few weeks ago and I have been singing it’s praises ever since. It handles my T-zones and dry patches without overdoing it, and leaves a nice little glow behind. Plus, as former captain of the bumpy arm brigade (aka a KP bride) I am proud to be softer and smoother than ever – thanks to their body attachment. I am an utterly shameless convert.

Now, I know what your thinking, isn’t that the new face cleaner used by celebrities? How is that broke-ass? I can’t afford that! Well, it is a bit of an investment on the front end – but facial products add up way wayyyy too quickly. Every time I look at my receipt after a trip to the drug store, I’m looking for the gold bars that must be in my bag next to my eye creams. Its the same diff between buying Forever 21 disposables or investing at Anthro.

Most importantly though, it gets the job done, it earns its keep. The Fresh Hubby is using it too and just the other day our friend Nick (who is a total mans man from Wisconsin) came over. Here’s a little snippet from their conversation:

Nick: What’s up guys! Beer Football, Beer Football!
Hunter: Hey Nick! TV and Beer, TV and Beer.
Nick: Beer Football and… Hey! your face looks great. It’s like, luminous and nubile or something.
Dana: Hunter’s using the Clarisonic I just got.
Hunter: Yeah, it’s like an electric toothbrush… for your face!

It’s made by the same guys who make the sonicare toothbrush, so you know they know how to vibrate the clean at ya. Gentle sonic vibrations clean deeply, clearing pores; reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; creating softer, smoother skin; helping reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes; and are gentle enough for cleansing delicate skin every day. I feel radiant, you guys. Its nice.

And you can feel radiant too, for $free.99! Find your fountain of youth in the MIA, the newest addition to the Clarisonic family. Portable, lightweight and travel-friendly, the MIA retails for $149!

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