3/17 Game Changer: RegistryFinder.com Makes Registry Sleuthing Way Easier

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You guys, this whole etiquette-in-the-digital-age thing is really messing with the way we spread the word about gift registries. While it’s pretty much universally agreed that specifics about registries should in no way, shape or form be included on the wedding invitation itself, there’s really no general consensus about how to spread the word.

The result of this kerfuffle? Vague allusions to a website. A typed-up insert stuffed into the invitation suite. A website printed on the Save the Date that went out moons ago. And, in an astronomically large amount of cases, wedding guests who are left with no clue on where the couple is registered or how to find said registry.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.27.19 PM

Well, screw that noise. RegistryFinder.com changes alla dat bizznizz. Sure, you could sit and type the couple’s name into Google to see what comes up, then sit and scroll through pages of social media profiles before you find the couple or where they’re registered.


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Go to RegistryFinder.com, type in the bride’s or groom’s names, or at least a few corresponding letters, and voila! Yes, it’s pretty much like Google, but instead of giving you the result of ALL OF THE INTERNETZ, you get registries and only registries. From there, you just click on over, find what you want to bestow upon the happy couple, bada-bing, bada-boom and you’re done!

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RegistryFinder.com takes a lot of the guesswork and headache out of trying to track down those elusive registries and lets you get on with your day … or figuring out which rockin’ outfit you’re going to wear to that wedding.

Or, you can take BAB Head Homie Mellzah’s approach and get a running start on registry sleuthing. In her words, “I have already stalked the registries of friends who haven’t even sent their invitations yet and started plotting what to get them!”

Go on, make your life easier and check out your homies’ wishlists on RegistryFinder.com.

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