10/9 From Square One: Five Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

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Alright guys, I’m gonna be honest, I never thought I’d be a pocket square kinda guy. They always seemed too fancy and fussy. One day, just for shits and giggles, I thought I’d try one out for a wedding I was going to. Wouldn’t you know, I totally dug it. In fact, I favored it over my tie, so I went tieless and open collar.

All this to say, I get why guys are a little intimidated by these small, 20″sq. pieces of fabric — but don’t be! There are folds you can do that are almost easier than tying the perfect tie. Here, I’ll show you five folds (plus a bonus alternate one) that you can use for any occasion. I’ll start with step-by-step instructions, then consecutive visual aids, for you visual learners like myself. We’ll start with a simple one:

Pesko Fold

1. and 2. Fold the square in a third, then fold the other third over it. Note that no matter where the tag is when you begin, it will always be inside the pocket, so don’t worry too much about that.

3. Fold the length in half.

4. A neat and tidy bit of color.

Pesko 1
Pesko 2
Pesko 3
Pesko 4
Pesko 5

One Corner Fold

1. and 2. Lay the square as a diamond and fold the bottom point to the top.

3. and 4. Fold each side point about a third of the way in to create a small envelope.

5. A lovely little peak. This fold is best accessorize with a chagrin stare into the distance.

One corner 1
One corner 2
One corner 3
One corner 4
One corner 5
One corner 6

Puff Fold

This is a fun one. Did you see the video on our Instagram?

1. through 3. Make a little pocket square ghost with your forefinger. Grab at the base of your finger, then pull through just a little until you have a puff, roughly 4″ high.

4. With a little fluffing, you’ve got a perfect little puff.

Puff 1
Puff 2
Puff 3
Puff 4
Puff 5


5. You can create a Crown Fold by simply turning the peaks up instead of the puffy part.

6. Voila!
Puff 6
Puff 7

Cagney Fold

1. This is definitely one of the harder ones. It always takes me a couple tries before I get it just right, especially with satin. So, start by folding the diamond in half, but making the two top points just slightly askew.

2. and 3. Now, bring to two side points in and up toward the top so you have four small peaks.

4. Fold the sides in half again to create a narrow, almost paper airplane like shape.

5. Spread it a little so it fills your pocket just right. That’s an impressive looking pocket square!

Cagney 1
Cagney 2
Cagney 3
Cagney 4
Cagney 5
Cagney 6

Damn, I needed a drink after that one. {Eds. Note: This was Christen’s mimosa, but she thought it matched the square, so you know … sacrifice}

Scallop Fold

1. through 3. I love this one for formal occasions. Fold your square into a triangle, then fold that triangle into an even smaller triangle.

4. and 5. Fold each side point so they reach the middle of the opposite side.

6. It almost looks like a satin rose! Very romantic.
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Flower 5
Flower 6

There you have it! Pretty sharp, right? Thanks to Dessy for keeping me looking right — these satin squares from their Pantone collection were so easy to fuss with.

So what do you think, are you into the pocket square look? Any folds you like best?

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