5/26 Five for Friday: Five Steps to DJing Your Wedding with Libratone ZIPP

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Music isn’t always a priority for couples, and that’s totally cool. Why pay someone big dollars to do something that doesn’t really mean a whole lot to you? There’s no need (and yes, we know that DJs often act as emcee, but if you have a coordinator or a friend who would be rockin’ at that role, ask them to step up). Especially not when you can just as easily put together a bumpin’ playlist yourself and hook up a killer speaker (or two) to keep the tunes going without sacrificing cash — then keep the speaker to use for your own entertainment needs as newleyweds. We partnered with Libratone to create this easy five-step guide to DJ your own wedding with a Libratone ZIPP.

1. Pick your Poison

Credit: A Sight of Love Photography

I mean, you don’t have to actually play Poison … unless that’s your jam. But do sit down and figure out exactly what kind of music you do want to play for the different aspects of your wedding day. You’ll want to create different playlists for the different moments, i.e.: Pre-Ceremony, Wedding Party Processional, Bride or Groom Entrance, Recessional, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, Cake-Cutting, Special Dances, Party Dances, Last Dance and Exit (of course, you could have more or less, depending on your own wedding plans).

2. Figure Out Your Dos and Don’ts

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Gaga over Gaga? Meh for Menudo? Are you likely to stab someone with the cake knife if Kidd Rock comes on? Make sure you discuss with your partner who’s in and who’s out as far as musicians go. If you have super opposite tastes, make sure you can come to a compromise (maybe he gets that Whitesnake song if you get that Britney song).

3. Buff it out


It’s kind of a rule of thumb that wedding time runs on its own clock. Schedules get bumped, nudged and all kinds of bungled. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to create a buffer for your playlists — songs that you don’t necessarily *need* to hear during your celebration, but ones that you wouldn’t mind swaying along to. I like to recommend couples add in about 15-20 of extra music for each playlist.

4. Back it up

Got it on your iPad? Good, now add it to your laptop and your cellphone. Or your partner’s tablet. Or both your cellphones. Whatever combination of devices you please, just make sure your playlists are on at least two of them — and they work when played. Murphy and his stupid law can try to get his grimy hands on your wedding all he wants, but you can come prepared to fight his bullsh by being ultra prepared.

5. Hook it up

Whether you’re having a super intimate gathering or are planning for lots of booties on the dance floor, you’re gonna need to make sure your tunes are heard. Libratone ZIPP speakers can connect to your device, and one another to make sure that your party of 10 or 100 gets their groove on to the same kicking’ beat. The minimalist-style speakers can keep the party going for up to 10+ hours on battery life, and have a killer “hush” feature, perfect for your dad’s tear-jerking toast, and they look super sleek doing so.

Are you planning to DJ your own wedding? Get your own Libratone ZIPP speaker and get the party started!

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