1/15 Five For Friday: Tools to Help You Get Your Sh!t Together

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Affiliate Disclaimer NewCeindyDoodles Get Your Shit Together Print

Print available from Etsy seller CeindyDoodles

Now that we’re firmly past the holidays and you’re likely getting a start into wedding planning, it’s super easy to watch all those resolutions about staying organized crumble to pieces. Chaos and early wedding planning can be kind of synonymous as you begin hoarding magazines, books, clippings, samples, swag from bridal shows … it goes on. Before you know it, you could be buried under swatches and DIY projects with no respite in sight (I speak from experience, y’all). So get yo-self organized, and do it now. Here are five tools to help you get your shit together:

Kate Spade Gold Dot Spiral Notebook

Gold Dot Spiral Notebook, $14 from Kate Spade

If you don’t have a solid, adorable, dedicated notebook just for wedding planning stop what you’re doing and go get one. You think I’m joking? I’m not. You will take notes. You will take a fuckton of notes. You’ll need to keep phone numbers, quotes, ideas, communications — everything, essentially — in one spot, and using many and varied scraps of paper just spells doom. We love Kate Spade, and a good hardcover spiral notebook like this is the perfect tool for anyone planning a wedding.

KaiHinaCoastal Whiteboard Corkboard Organizer

Whiteboard, corkboard and French memo organizer, $70 from Etsy seller KaiHinaCoastal

Multi-use pinboard / whiteboards can be a godsend when you’re trying to get your ducks in a row. Take notes about appointments, display pretty congratulatory cards or pin up swatches of your desired color palette so you can easily glimpse them. Also good for leaving your sweetie nice (or naughty) messages.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple Wedding Website and App, starts at $39 (one-time fee)

Wedding websites are important. Very important. But with the majority of people now relying on their mobile devices, you might also want to incorporate an app so that all the deets for your big day are accessible on phones and tablets as well as on desktops. For a nominal one-time fee set yourself up with a gorgeous design and highly functional website and app your guests can refer to rather than bug you.

Modcloth Crafty Catalogue Storage Set

Crafty Catalogue Storage Chest, $69.99

Everything in its place, right? A solid storage area is a necessity for any DIY-er. Keep all those bits, baubles, ribbons, pins and what have you nicely stowed in a cute little throwback to old-school library days. Use the label holders to ensure you know what’s where.

Ninj&Ninj Financial and Monthly Planners

Weekly Planner + Financial Planner Bundle, $35 from Etsy seller NinjandNinj

Guys, I got these and I LOVE THEM. I always look forward to the new year so I can buy a new planner (geek, right?). It’s usually a pretty in-depth process for me, because I’m v. picky about how my planner looks and functions, since my whole life depends on it. When I stumbled on this bundle after browsing Etsy for seemingly hours, I knew I hit a goldmine. The financial planner is great for helping me track my finances, keep track of bills, know where I stand with credit cards and loans and see how close I am to my savings goals. The weekly planner has a monthly view that’s then broken down by week, allowing plenty of room for notes / appointments. And they’re not huge and bulky, so they’re a cinch to keep with me always.

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