11/6 Five for Friday: Simple Pieces of Jewelry that Make a Big Impact

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Guys, confession: I’ve been kind of sort of OBSESSING over jewelry lately. There was a time when I was really simple — I wore the same bracelets and earrings every day for years. But along with many, many other shifts since I entered my 30s, I’ve become more conscious about accessorizing. And to my discovery, it’s SUPER fun … and the compliments are always worth it. I’ve been trying out Rocksbox (have you tried it? Use code brokeassbridexoxo to get your first month free) and have gotten a few super cute pieces which has been fun to play with, and allows me to try a few different looks without committing to spend (because, #brokeassfolyfe). Stella & Dot is another go-to for gorgeous, trendy and versatile pieces that I’ve been swooning over. Here are five of my favorite small jewelry pieces with a big impact as of late (complete with pictures of me!):

Golly Geometric Earrings from ModCloth

Golly Geometric Earrings, $14.99 at ModCloth

These are totally my new favorite earrings. I’ve been super crushing on geometric ish lately, and when I saw these at ModCloth, it was crush at first site. Plus, the price point is right up my alley.   Cage Ring on Rocksbox   a.v. max Caged Ring in Gold from Rocksbox  

I put this ring on my wishlist mostly because I’d been wanting to try out this style — it’s a little bulkier than I’m used to, and I have tiny hands, so I was curious how it would work out. I fucking loved it, ya’ll. While it does come up right underneath my knuckle, I got so many freaking compliments about it. Plus it just looks cool.Stella & Dot Alexia Necklace

Alexia Necklace, $49 from Stella & Dot

Christen Dressing Down and Dressing Up Stella & Dot Alexia Necklace

Stella & Dot sent me this necklace to review, and I happily jumped at the chance. Of all the pieces I’ve received lately (save the rings below … but we’ll get to them) this is the one that I wear pretty much every day. I love that it can be wrapped to create a layered look (which I dig, because I have a couple key pieces I wear always … and more is better!). I also love that it’s the first time I’ve been able to actually (and confidently) pull off a longer necklace. It hangs well pasts my boobs, which is something I’ve been pretty self-conscious about in the past, but as I said before, 31 is making me feel bold. I’ve been able to dress this look up or down (as evidenced above when at left I played tourist in Hollywood and at right I got gussied up for Second Chance Prom). The price point gives me a little pause, as $49 is a lot to spend on … well, anything in my book (for the most part). The necklace is already beginning to lose some of its luster and is greening a little bit, which isn’t super amazing. I have received a number of compliments on the Alexia necklace. I just hope the plating doesn’t wear off too quickly moving forward.
Satellite of My Life from ModCloth

Satellite of My Life Ring Set, $9.99 from ModCloth

Satellite of my Life Rings from ModCloth on Christen as she Pours Champagne | Photo by Shaina Sheaff

Image: Shaina Sheaff Photography

So, admittedly, I’m a ring junkie. I wear lots and lots of them, often mixing stones and metals and not giving a general fuck. Naturally, when I saw this set at ModCloth, and for that price, there was no way I could *not*. Like the Alexia necklace, I wear these pretty much daily, and always in varying ways. The two rings on the ends in the product picture above are both midi-rings, so I tend to mix the shine of the one on the right with the lines of the moon and the V of the one on the left with either the triangle or the quartz. Bonus: Your skin will not turn green with these pretties!
Sophie Harper Pave Moon Necklace from Rocksbox

Sophie Harper Pave Moon Necklace from Rocksbox

Christen wearing the Sophie Harper Pave Moon Necklace from Rocksbox || Photo- Shaina Sheaff

Image: Shaina Sheaff Photography

This necklace was a lot smaller and daintier than I thought it would be, but it ended up working out well in my favor. It sat right above my Instagram / Twitter handle necklace I always wear, right on the base of my throat, which I thought looked lovely.

What do you think of mixing and matching small pieces of jewelry? Which is your favorite?


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